Safe and Cashless Shopping with Home Credit’s QR Code Payment – Manila Standard

It’s time to say goodbye to your wallets and say hello to digital payments!

In this time when convenience is king, this payment method is the new way to go. Who needs cash if you can just bring your smartphone to go out and shop? QR code payments, in particular, allow us to do just that and with such ease and convenience.

Now a big part of the new normal, QR code payments have seen their popularity during the pandemic and Home Credit, a digital service provider and the first non-banking institution in the country to issue a credit card to its customers, is expanding this convenient payment method. to its cardholders offering a fast, easy and secure way to pay for just about anything.

With QR codes being everywhere these days, it won’t be long before everyone is already using them in their daily financial transactions. This is what Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) hopes to achieve by rolling out QR Ph P2M, the country’s standard QR code payment system.

Home Credit joins BSP’s nationwide QR code system

Home Credit has long been a forerunner in QR code payments, joining Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) with QR Ph P2M (or QR Ph for Person to Merchant).

Thanks to the initiative of BSP, we can eliminate the need for cash because all we need is a payment app such as the My Home Credit app to scan the Ph P2M QR code placed in any store or participating merchant establishment.

Whatever your shopping habits or priorities, you have a reason to use QR Code payments. We have a bunch of scenarios here to help you decide whether to finally make the switch.

• Go out with your family. When dining out or shopping with your family, pay with the QR Code using your own mobile device. This way, you won’t need to touch shared surfaces like payment terminals or loose change. It’s a helpful tip so you can have less worry about catching the virus and more energy to enjoy your bonding time.

• Make your rounds of groceries and basic necessities. Whether you live alone or usually run errands for your family, you can shop for groceries and essentials safely and easily using QR code payments. No need to look for an ATM to withdraw money, pay directly from your mobile!

• Be a figurehead. Want to see your transaction history? It’s easy with QR code payments. Each transaction can be cross-checked against your My Home Credit app records so you can track any fraudulent activity. Also seeing how much you spend monthly makes it easier to budget your finances and ultimately save money (good advice for you!).

• Feel safe. Rather than exposing your PIN code or carrying cash with you, QR code payments are much more secure. Since your payment data is encrypted in the app, all you have to do is scan the QR code and payments will go directly from your account to the merchant’s account. Without sharing your sensitive account details, you can pay anytime with peace of mind – a safer step against theft and fraud.

• Options, options and more options. Now that QR PH P2M has been rolled out nationwide, you have a total of over 30,000 merchants to transact with, including supermarkets, restaurants, department stores, pharmacies, and even wet markets. . And they also regularly add merchants to the list, so you have more options to choose from!

• Buy now, pay later. Enjoy a secure, cashless payment option for your purchase now, pay later! Use your domestic credit card or their most recent purchase now pay later Qwarta product where you can get instant approval of a spending limit up to Php 10,000 to defer payments for items or services where QR Ph P2M is available. All transactions are automatically billed to either of the two so you have more options to buy the things you want and need.

Cash is over because your cell phone has everything now. When you go out, you can ditch your money and buy more just by using your smartphones. Just download the My Home Credit app from Google Play Store to enjoy the benefits and advantages of QR code payments and pay for your shopping needs.

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