#PrideAtHome: Home Credit Celebrates Pride Month with Stronger Commitment to DEI

Home Credit remains true to its commitment to promote diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace and beyond

Manila, Philippines. July 05, 2022- Home Credit Philippines (HCPH), the country’s leading consumer finance company, celebrated Pride Month this year with a series of activities aimed at reinforcing its commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion.

With DEI embedded in its culture and DNA, HCPH hosted #PrideAtHome: A Pride Month Forum and joined the Pride PH Festival on June 23 and 25 respectively.

“At Home Credit, we believe in DIVERSITY: different individuals who value each other regardless of race, skill, intelligence, talent and age. There are no small roles at Home Credit, and everyone is important,” said Alpha Omega Aquino, HCPH’s Director of Human Resources.

As a global business, DEI is an integral part of Home Credit’s environmental, social and governance programs, a non-financial framework used to measure how a business is managed and operated. HCPH’s ESG-linked loans aim to promote financial inclusion to help all Filipinos, especially women in underserved communities in the country.


Pride starts at home

HCPH celebrated Pride Month in June with initiatives to embed DEI within the organization and beyond.

On June 23, HCPH partnered with the LGBT Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines for #PrideAtHome: a hybrid Pride Month forum aimed at becoming a platform for employees to learn more about SOGIE and Gender Allyship.

Atti. Quino Reyes, Director of PLCC, spoke about SOGIE 101 to HCPH employees, saying that all SOGIESCs should be respected and treated equally, emphasizing that we are all equal and worthy of respect.

Meanwhile, PLCC President Ronn Asstillas spoke about the alliance between the sexes, explaining that diversity and inclusion should be institutionalized as policies and that the key is to work with partners.

HCPH also sent a contingent of over 100 people to march for the Alab for Love: Pride PH Festival 2022 at Quezon City Memorial Circle on June 25, 2022, alongside NGOs, LGBT organizations and businesses.

HCPH’s Pride contingent included a marching band and included employees from its Ore, Spark and Vertis sites.

HCPH Public Relations Manager Ken Lerona also delivered a solidarity speech at the event, highlighting Home Credit’s commitment to promoting diversity, fostering equity and advocating for inclusion not only in the company but in society in general.

A strong commitment to DEI

In April 2011, HCPH joined the Philippine Business Coalition for Women Empowerment and the Philippine LGBT Chamber of Commerce to further its commitment to achieving gender equality and inclusion in the workplace.

PrideAtHome HCPHIn partnership with PBCWE, the company is currently undergoing a Gender Equality, Results and Strategy (GEARS) assessment, an assessment tool that will analyze and understand the current state of gender equality. Gender in the Workplace (WGE) within the company. This will provide Philippines-specific data to form an information base used to create policies, guidelines, and projects to help improve Home Credit’s DEI programs.

“While DEI has always been part of our practice, we recognize that these are only the necessary first steps we need to take to deliver on our commitment to be a diverse and inclusive company. We believe that pride begins at home and so we promise to ensure that Home Credit Philippines continues to be a safe home for our employees and the Filipinos we serve,” said Ken Lerona, Public Relations Manager of HCPH .