Homonym leads Home Credit brand refresh with Sonic

MUSIC plays a big role in our lives. Not only is it used to express feelings that we cannot express with words, but it is also used as a marketing strategy that can help brands cross boundaries and reach target markets.

By analyzing songs that are highly rotated in playlists and using audio data, Homonym harnesses the power of sound branding as a marketing strategy that can help make a bigger impact on everything. type of project or campaign. Homonym is a full-service agency specializing in end-to-end music marketing and innovative audio solutions.

“Marketing strategies have shifted to visual messaging for the past couple of years and now marketers are looking for other meanings that can work. That’s where the sound brand comes in. It’s is about the strategic, targeted, and consistent use of sound and music in branding and marketing to shape perception and behavior,” said Mike Constantino, Founder and CEO of Homonym.

Home Credit‘s brand – refreshed with Moira singing the iconic lyrics to “Para sa Home, Para sa Life” with all her heart – launching on June 16 is Homonym’s latest campaign to use sonic branding.

Using studies that provide insight into the music habits of Filipino consumers, Homonym was able to determine the essence of the Home Credit brand and tweak it with the preferences of the target market to produce a tune that portrays a positive vibe and feeling of trust and respect.

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“As a trusted financial partner of Filipinos, Home Credit is on a mission to help its consumers better manage their finances and promote financial inclusion. Since music is an integral part of our lives, we at Home Credit understand the importance of building our sonic identity and communicating our messages through music so that more people relate to the message of hope and trust that we are trying to convey,” said Sheila Paul, Marketing Director of Home Credit Philippines.