Home Credit Wins Privacy Management Program Award at NPC’s 2022 PAW Awards

MANILA. (Left to right) Dug Christopher Mah, NPC Deputy Privacy Commissioner; John Henry Naga, NPC Privacy Commissioner; Rejyl Siang, Chief Compliance Officer of HCPH; Leandro Angelo Aguirre, Deputy Privacy Commissioner of the NPC; and Ivin Ronald Alzona, executive director of the NPC. (photo added)

HOME Credit Philippines (HCPH), the country’s leading global consumer finance company, wins the Privacy Management Program Award for the Non-Banking Financial Sector at the 2022 Privacy Awareness Week (PAW) Awards ) of the National Privacy Commission.

HCPH Data Protection Officer Advocate Reiyl Siang, also a finalist for Data Protection Officer of the Year, is leading this project to continue building trust and protection for clients and other stakeholders .

During the first day of the NPC’s PAW celebration, he also participated in the discussion on the importance of transparency in building trust in online lending.

HCPH is known for constantly updating and improving its data protection practices by ensuring that the personal data of data subjects (employees, customers and suppliers) is protected and safeguarded in accordance with data protection law.

Proactive and non-reactive security

In order to ensure that its data protection standards are maintained, HCPH has developed a Privacy Manual for all external partners who process HCPH data, in particular Personal Data. Part of the policy in the handbook is to only partner with organizations that process personal data with security controls at least equivalent to company policies or the policies of the group of companies to which HCPH belongs. . This style of management helps HCPH embed data protection controls with partners to prevent potential data breaches and improve the security of partner data.

HCPH’s privacy management is designed to be preventative and not corrective to data protection, anticipating future security issues and business risks. With its handbook in place, HCPH regularly performs compliance testing on data privacy issues faced by business units to validate risk ratings and security controls, making HCPH safe and secure through its proactive security measures. that complement its security management processes in response to potential incidents.

Security from the inside out

HCPH is continually improving its internal privacy management governance framework that balances the individual’s right to data privacy while enabling business strategy. This framework serves as a model or map for HCPH to see the interrelated relationships, factors and other influences on the business, particularly regarding data privacy. It steers HCPH in the right direction in terms of management and regulatory compliance to achieve its business goals of having efficient processes, having accountability and ensuring customer trust.

“Data privacy is a priority here at Home Credit. We ensure that our customers, partners and internal stakeholders can rely on us to respect their privacy rights and process their personal data lawfully. Developing an enterprise-initiated security framework that meets or even exceeds our obligations under the Data Privacy Act 2012 is of the utmost importance to us,” said attorney Reiyl Siang, head of HCPH data protection.

Siang added, “As we continue to provide financial inclusion to unbanked and underserved Filipinos from all walks of life, we also continue to build trust among all stakeholders to continue doing business with us.” (RP)