Home Credit launches health insurance with Covid-19 coverage

As the threat of a rise in Covid-19 cases remains, consumer finance company and digital financial services provider Home Credit Philippines (HCPH) has launched Health Secure with Covid-19 coverage.

This latest addition to Home Credit Protect’s wide range of products reiterates the company’s commitment to proactive measures to ensure the safety and protection of its customers.

Health Secure provides protection not only for personal accidents resulting in dismemberment, disability and death, but also for complications related to Covid-19, including side effects from vaccines. It can easily be used through the My Home Credit app and paid through Home Credit Pay.

Health Secure is also one of the few insurance plans offering protection against side effects from the FDA-approved Covid-19 vaccine.

“Health Secure is our way of encouraging Filipinos to appreciate health insurance and protect themselves and their families by securing their health, future and financial stability,” said Sheila Paul, Chief Marketing Officer of HCPH .

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Unexpected expenses are not limited to medical emergencies. Accidentally cracking the tablet screen or spilling water on the laptop keyboard requires immediate repairs. Since gadgets such as phones, laptops and tablets are partners in everyday life, they also need protection to ensure that they can continue to serve their intended purpose.

HCPH also offers Home Credit Protect (HCProtect) to give Home Credit funded gadgets the protection they need at a lower cost. It allows for hassle-free repair and replacement of the device in case of accidental breakage, liquid damage or cracked screen.

“At Home Credit, we not only provide convenient ways for Filipinos to buy gadgets. We provide ways for them to live a more comfortable life by giving them the assurance that their gadgets will be protected so that they can then focus on the most important things and continue to do their jobs properly,” said Paul.