Home Credit joins business coalitions for gender equality to drive greater diversity and inclusion

(L to R) Ken Lerona, HCPH Public Relations Manager, Ezra Nacianceno, PLCC Project Manager, Raymond Asstillas, HCPH CPO Alpha Omega Aquino, Renata Mrazova, HC Group CPO, Julia Abad, PBCWE Executive Director, Ana Bobadilla, Head of Partnerships, Jelo Reyes, Head of Marketing and HCPH People Partner Nina Patricia Dacanay. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO

HOME Credit Philippines, the country’s leading consumer finance company, recently joined the Philippine Business Coalition for Women Empowerment (PBCWE) and the Philippine LGBT Chamber of Commerce (PLCC) to strengthen its commitment to achieving gender equality and inclusion in the workplace.

A signing ceremony, held at Ore Central in BGC, Taguig City, was attended by Renata Mrazova, Chief People Officer of Home Credit International, Alpha Omega Aquino, Chief People Officer of Home Credit Philippines, Ken Lerona, Head Public Relations, Julia, Executive Director of PBCWE. Abad, the president of the PLCC, Raymond Asstillas, and other representatives of the organizations.

“At Home Credit, we celebrate all facets of diversity. Our global commitment to promoting equality and inclusion among our employees is present in every market where Home Credit operates. We have found beauty in being represented by a diverse roster of talent and recognizing every individual, regardless of nationality, background, orientation, identity, etc. We want to make Home Credit a safe place – a home that embraces diversity and inclusion for our employees,” shares Renata Mrazova, CPO of Home Credit International.

This Home Credit Philippines partnership with PBCWE and PLCC will help the company engage in policy reform work for gender equality and explore initiatives that will promote diversity, respect, equity, empowerment and equality in the workplace. The two organizations are also ready to structure the DEI efforts of Home Credit Philippines and create diverse and systematic initiatives for its employees.

For more information, visit www.homecredit.ph.