Home Credit attracted over 466,000 new customers, empowering Filipinos and embedding financial inclusion in the country – Manila Bulletin

Since 2022, Home Credit has empowered female customers (50%), the youth segment (27%) and introduced digitalization and innovation (63%) while continuously creating social impact and supporting causes that add of value to the lives of Filipinos. Home Credit gained 466,000 new customers from different walks of life, and more, giving them access to affordable, practical and quality financial services.

Home Credit is expanding its access to Filipino customers by promoting innovation and digital inclusion as many Filipinos use their mobile phones and devices, encouraging and leveraging omnichannel channels to communicate and interact with customers online, live and on the ground, as digital transformation is evident over the past two years. Home Credit has partnered with DZRH to promote financial literacy in small content to empower customers to make them wiser and more resilient, furthering their campaign as a trusted ally of Filipinos For life.

Home Credit also champions environmental, social and governance (ESG) agendas as part of its financial literacy advocacy.

Some initiatives that have enabled the company to make financial inclusion a reality are:

●Home Credit entered into its first-ever ESG-related credit facility with Deutsche Bank in December 2021 for PHP 1.2 billion. This facility provided women and new borrowers with expanded access to credit and supported financial education programs in the country. He also supported the company’s digitization efforts, which later enabled Home Credit to deliver 60% of its loan through digital channels.

●Earlier in May this year, Home Credit launched a PHP 420 million social finance facility, which was recently increased to PHP 820 million, with the country’s largest foreign bank, Citi. This facility has helped Home Credit customers buy basic digital devices – half of the loan goes to women, who make up 50% of Home Credit customers.

●The company entered into a two-year PHP 7 billion credit facility with multi-award-winning universal bank UnionBank to provide comprehensive financial access to more Filipinos. The agreement enables Home Credit to provide more Filipinos with financial accessibility and inclusion through the brand’s intuitive and affordable loan products.

“Financial inclusion has always been at the heart of our approach to business. Ensuring that we are able to provide solutions tailored to the unique circumstances of our clients has been critical in our goal of bringing financial opportunities closer to more Filipinos,” said HCPH Director and Treasurer, Zdenek Jankovsky.

HCPH’s strong progress in financial inclusion

Since entering the country nearly nine years ago, Home Credit has disbursed over PHP 178 billion in loans to Filipinos across all segments, including services, education and healthcare. Now Home Credit has become a unique ally for millions of Filipinos.

Over the past several years, Home Credit has grown its network to 10,000 robust retail partners nationwide, aggressively growing its online presence and forging partnerships with the country’s biggest brands.

As a global provider of consumer credit services, Home Credit continues to find new opportunities to expand its online and offline services by partnering with more brands and retailers in key categories such as healthcare, fashion, beauty and fitness.

“Building on Home Credit’s heritage of providing a wide range of financial products and services, Home Credit Philippines has enabled nearly 9 million Filipinos nationwide to access financial opportunities. credit. As the needs of our consumers continue to evolve, we are committed to supporting them as we build a more financially resilient Philippines,” said HCPH Managing Director David Minol.

Empowering Filipinos For life

Also in pursuit of its goal of financial inclusion for more Filipinos, the consumer finance company launched its For life country. This initiative hopes to convey a message of hope, making the brand a reliable ally of Filipinos for life.

One of the initiatives under the For life the campaign is pay for life, a 2-minute radio show that covers fundamental financial literacy topics. This program targets various communities, including market vendors, farmers, fishermen, public transport drivers and security guards.

The For life The campaign also launched a music video – headlined by singer-songwriter Moira dela Torre – which positions Home Credit as a reliable financial partner helping Filipinos at any stage of their lives.

“At Home Credit Philippines, we see transformative communication as a way to effectively tell our story – the story of empowered Filipinos. For life the campaign did just that because it encapsulated our promise of companionship in the life journey of our customers,” shares Marketing Director of HCPH, Sheila Paul.

“Being able to present our services and solutions in a way that speaks closely to our consumers helps us continue to champion a financially empowered and inclusive Philippines. For life gave the brand a “face and feel”. It also allowed more than 13,000 employees to show them that they themselves could be brand ambassadors. We really wanted to give them something to be proud of and show the world the effort they put in,” she added.

Home Credit revealed earlier this week at its first face-to-face media event since the pandemic that the main items financed by them are cellphones, laptops, air conditioners and bicycles. Home Credit is the leader in consumer credit in the Philippines.

“Home Credit, a leading consumer finance company with a broad global footprint, continues to scale up its efforts in the Philippines. We empower nearly 9 million Filipinos nationwide through our wide range of responsibly delivered financial products and services. We continuously respond to the evolving needs of our customers with innovative financial products and services. We aim to be their ally in building a better, brighter and more resilient world,” Minol said.

Home Credit Philippines is a finance company duly licensed and supervised by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP). To know more about Home Credit Philippines, visit their official website www.homecredit.ph.