FPT Smart Cloud Boosts Productivity at Home Credit Vietnam

Artificial intelligence (AI) and the cloud are the two technologies at the heart of Industry 4.0, enabling greater agility and productivity, reducing costs and creating better outcomes for the future of humanity.

“These are the two most important technologies in the era of digital transformation,” said Le Hong Viet, CEO of FPT Smart Cloud. “We are proud to be the entity responsible for developing these capabilities for the FPT Corporation. »

FPT is, by far, the largest IT company in Vietnam, with operations in over 20 countries across APAC, Europe and the United States. However, the company is mainly focusing on its home market, Vietnam, as the country rides the wave of digital transformation. FPT Smart Cloud, says Viet, is positioned at the forefront of Vietnam’s digital revolution.

“Our main goal going forward is to foster greater penetration of AI in different industries in Vietnam, from finance to retail and manufacturing,” he explains. “Productivity is crucial for the future of Vietnam if we are to escape the middle income trap. Technology is definitely the way forward for the country, and our products are helping to drive that much-needed increase in productivity in Vietnam.

FPT Smart Cloud drives new growth for FPT Corporation with its two flagship products: FPT.AI and FPT Cloud. “FPT.AI is used to disrupt businesses by creating a big jump in productivity, which is exactly what we are doing right now with Home Credit Vietnam,” says Viet.

FPT Smart Cloud has been selected by Home Credit Vietnam as a key technology partner. The two companies came together in 2019 to execute a two-year project to improve Home Credit Vietnam’s messaging, voice channels and overall customer engagement capabilities. Viet notes that “our products have a proven track record of natural language processing capability, as well as speech recognition and text-to-speech in Vietnamese”, which led to the selection of FPT Smart Cloud’s Voicebot technology to provide AI-powered virtual customer support agent solutions. .

“We initially laid out a plan for a two-year project to use our Voicebot technology to successfully integrate virtual call agents into Home Credit’s customer call center to handle inbound and outbound calls. We spent six months building a new platform for this purpose, as well as setting up the virtual agents specifically for Home Credit,” says Viet. “Then we spent another six months doing a proof of concept, calibrating the virtual agents, piloting the project and pushing it to completion. In total, we achieved this partnership exactly one year ahead of schedule.

This success, Viet explains, is due to the “very close collaborative relationship between the two project teams,” who worked together to execute their strategy while avoiding the most common pitfall of AI customer service integrations. “Sometimes AI can reduce human workload and create efficiencies, but also lead to reduced customer satisfaction,” says Viet. “This project succeeded not only in increasing productivity and reducing costs, but also in to augment client satisfaction.”

The solution eliminated repetitive tasks for customer service agents, such as answering incoming calls with FAQs or making millions of outbound callbacks to customers with superior human conversational capabilities. This allows agents to focus on other complex tasks, improving workforce productivity and saving time and money for the business.

Today, FPT Smart Cloud’s virtual agents handle more than 5 million incoming and outgoing calls for Home Credit Vietnam every month, and are able to scale up to more than 12 million calls during peak hours. .

FPT Smart Cloud and Home Credit Vietnam are looking to continue the collaboration with new AI solutions already under discussion. From integrating call quality improvement to implementing the powerful knowledge base solution in chatbot and voicebot, the dedication of Home Credit and FPT SmartCloud ensures both companies keep a long ahead of the AI ​​revolution. This achievement, Viet concludes, is a strong indicator of the future relationship between AI, cloud and Vietnam. “A lot of people in Vietnam are first-time users of financial services, but they are very digitally savvy. Most of them have been using smartphones for a very long time already, and there is a lot of fluidity in that when it comes to digital channels and self-service finance,” he says. “Users are increasingly demanding and want to be able to connect 24/7 with the service provider, which our solutions Some of our customers have millions of customers to engage with every week, which is where our AI-powered automation drives more differentiated customer experiences.