With rising rental costs, learn how to stand out in the home rental market

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – Rising rental costs are an ongoing issue around the valley. Yesterday, 8 News Now shared a new report showing a 45% increase from last year.

As the price rises, many viewers reached out to 8news today about the challenges they face to stay afloat.

We receive emails and calls from viewers about rent increases, even going up hundreds of dollars.

One resident told 8 News Today that a rent hike of nearly $ 200 forced him to need a job after retiring.

Marianne Cook, a resident of Centennial Hills, said she has lived in her apartment complex since 2018. She is 67-years-old, retired, and has a decent social security income.

Recently, he was told his rent would go up by $ 181 a month for a two-bedroom one-bath.

When he tried to negotiate, management told him:

“I pay my rent on time and it’s never too late. How about breaks Look at others who can’t pay rent and are evicted.

He said part of the problem is because many people are unable to pay rent, leaving others to bear the burden of paying higher rent.

Cook said prices are high around his neighborhood and moving to another part of the valley means an additional cost on top of down payment and moving fees.

His solution was to get a part-time job to avoid many problems.

Cook’s new rent hike will take effect in November but he’s nervous about how long he can continue working.

If you’re looking to move, we got some tips from a local real estate agent in the video above.

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