Why large items left in the trash at KCK are not taken by sanitation workers

KANSAS CITY, Kan. – Some parts of the beauty of Wyandotte County are getting ugly.

This is due to large amounts of waste, especially large items, left out for sanitation workers, some of which are not properly designated for bulk pickup.

The Wyandotte County Unified Government offers a bulk garbage collection program, which many homeowners in Kansas City, Kansas do not understand.

A Wyandotte County spokesperson told FOX4 that smaller bulk items and small amounts of them could be sent to garbage trucks. However, when the items pile up it makes a mess.

FOX4 cameras spotted many neighborhoods in KCK where residents had piled large items in front of their homes, likely intended for garbage collection. Mattresses, large furniture, leftover construction products, and plumbing items were among the heavy items that could be seen.

It is not known how many of these owners have called Waste Management, with whom the Unified Government, contracts for the garbage service.

“We don’t want to impose fines on people,” said Patrick Holton, an officer with the Wyandotte County Property Maintenance Compliance Division. “” People will put anything on the curb. “

Holton said inspectors can issue citations for violations they discover, or perhaps, that come from the county’s 311 hotline. Holton said long-term violators can be fined up to $ 1,500. First-time fine recipients can be tagged for $ 100. The owners of KCK said they see garbage collectors choosing not to haul large items in bulk.

“There are a lot of health reasons for this. There are a lot of things that are thrown away that are not conducive to a good neighborhood life. They attract rodents, insects and critters that show up, ”Holton said.

Daniel Silva, chairman of the KCK chamber, said he believes business is more profitable in cities where there are no large waste collections.

“We want to encourage people to schedule these bulk pickups. We understand that our employees at UG are already working very hard, and that makes it even more difficult when you have to pick up a large washing machine, dryer or mattress, ”said Silva.

Waste Management sent a statement to FOX4 News on Thursday, saying the company is still in touch with customers on methods of keeping Kansas City, Kansas cleaner. However, a company spokesperson would not discuss the charges associated with the bulk garbage collection.

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