WELCOME HOME: Let These Organizations Help You Make the Migration to Atlantic Canada

Moving across the country is nothing short of scary. But if you move to the Atlantic Region, you will find many great organizations ready to help you find a job and settle here.

It doesn’t matter where you move to Atlantic Canada, whether you need help finding a home, finding a job, or finding an office space, there are services, initiatives, and programs available to you. Many of them are economic development organizations because they know fixing it up involves everything from finding a home, a job, or a good school for your children.

For example, in New Brunswick, there are many resources in each of the major cities. The Saint John Chamber of Commerce launched a remote worker subsidy program earlier this year and Opportunities New Brunswick is working with economic development partners across the province to attract remote workers to move to region.

One of the partners is 3+ Economic Development Corporation, based in Moncton. Their center includes many programs intended to welcome international immigrants to the country as well as domestic newcomers to the region.

Makes 3+ mainly people moving to New Brunswick starting a business or moving for work. They offer many options for individuals who are ready to set themselves up in the region.

“We have a regional onboarding coordinator. What that person does is help families looking at housing, schools, daycare, transportation,” said Susy Campos, CEO of 3+. “Maybe one of the spouses works for the company [relocating to the region], but another has to find work here. That onboarding coordinator then provides a connection to the potential jobs available here, working with WorkingNB. “

3+’s focus on economic development also includes programs that provide new residents with information about living in Moncton and the region in general.

Programs and initiatives like this exist throughout the region. Across the border with Halifax, Nova Scotia, the Halifax Partnership is an economic development organization dedicated to bringing business and talent to the region.

Photo: Collaboration in Halifax.

Robyn Webb is the Director of Labor Market Development and the Executive Director of the National Connector Program with the Halifax Partnership. Some programs for new people moving to the region include a Connector program that helps people find jobs in their field.

The program aims to connect workers in their field by providing three referrals to businesses in the region. From there, each of those connections provides an additional three referrals, so eventually, the jobseeker has 13 connections added to their network.

“Over the past year, we’ve worked with 400 participants, which includes newcomers and recent grads,” Webb said. “161 of those people found jobs in their field.”

The Connector program has also branched into new markets and been adopted in other areas of Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, and Prince Edward Island.

Webb also said the Halifax Partnership team is working with remote workers and partnering with Discover Halifax on marketing campaigns such as the Never Have I Ever Ever series to highlight new activities to do in Halifax.

Other initiatives include working with the federal government on Atlantic Immigration Pilot, and partnering with other organizations like Fusion Halifax that provide a place for young professionals to network.

“We want them to feel a part of the city and feel in their connection, that this is their home,” Webb said.

Across the Atlantic region, there are many partners to help anyone moving to Atlantic Canada feel at home. If you’re not sure where to start, economic development agencies in your chosen area are eager to step in to help their communities grow.

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