US To Prevent Gun Violence Tackles Safety Of Children With Guns During Pandemic

Unpacked opens like any other popular toy unboxing video. Cayden is in her parents’ bedroom, eager to show the camera something new. Except instead of revealing a toy, Cayden unwraps the semi-automatic pistol her parents keep in their closet. As he enthusiastically shows it to the camera – playing with it, charging it, reversing the slide – he unwittingly puts himself in grave danger.

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Nationally, there are currently 4.6 million children living in homes with an unlocked weapon. This U.S. Public Service Announcement to Prevent Gun Violence urges parents across America that if a gun is unlocked it can be unboxed and this preventable mistake could lead to a man’s worst nightmare. parent: their child handling a loaded gun, like Cayden in his unboxing video.

“Parents who own firearms should take every precaution regarding the storage of firearms,” ​​says Clai Lasher-Sommers, Executive Director of the United States to Prevent Gun Violence. “3 out of 4 students in first and second year know where their parents keep their guns and 1 in 3 admit to having handled guns. Guns should be locked to prevent children from accessing guns and to greatly reduce the risk of unintentional fire. ”

“As a parent and storyteller, I am in a unique position to approach my stories from the perspective of a guardian who cares deeply about protecting the innocence of children. No child should have to lose their life or have to do anything. facing the guilt of accidentally taking a life due to the dangerous storage practices of adults, ”said Kevin Wilson Jr., the director of PSA, and an Oscar nominated and Academy Award-winning filmmaker. Wilson received a Master of Fine Arts in Film Production from NYU Tisch School of the Arts where he studied under Spike lee.

The PSA, along with gun storage safety guidelines for parents and gun safety education for children can be found at

Unintentional injury and death are preventable. If you own a gun, take these simple steps to protect your family and avoid these preventable tragedies.

Keep it unloaded
Make sure your gun is completely unloaded before putting it away. If the gun is semi-automatic, make sure there is no cartridge in the chamber yet.

Keep it locked
A lock on the pistol itself (whether on the trigger, or a cable through the action or the barrel, or both) will ensure that it does not fire, eliminating the greater danger of a accidental discovery. Many local police or sheriff departments can give you one for free.

Keep it away
Placing your firearm in a locked holster, locker or safe is another good way to protect your children from accidental discovery – especially if there is a lock on the weapon itself. . The less accessible the case or box is to children, the better. Do you remember the lengths you used to go to find your gifts? Use it as a guide.

Keep them separate
Ammunition should always be kept in a place completely separate from the weapon itself and also locked.

It is important for children to understand what to do if they find a gun. Keep in mind that even if you don’t own a gun yourself, there is a 1 in 3 chance that your child’s friend’s family does. When you encounter a gun, these 4 steps can save your child’s life:

Why stop? Because in the excitement of finding a gun, it’s crucial to slow down so that you can remember what to do next.

Do not touch
Let your child know that they should never touch a gun without an adult watching them. Already.

Run away
If the weapon is not in front of your child, they will not be tempted to pick it up. Tell them to leave the room as if it is filling with hot lava.

Tell an adult
If the gun belongs to you or someone you know, put it under lock and key in a safe place and contact the owner. If you don’t know where the gun came from, leave it and call the police immediately.

About the United States to Prevent Gun Violence: United States To Prevent Gun Violence is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to making our families and communities safer. We strive to reduce gun deaths and injuries and build healthy communities by supporting and strengthening 32 state gun violence prevention organizations and fostering new state organizations. To learn more about the United States and our state affiliates, visit:

This PSA is a pro bono effort by Gray New York.

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