ULTA Beauty Of Lafayette To Relocate Within Former J. Crew Factory Store Next With Whole Foods Next Year – Developing Lafayette

For longer than we care to talk about, we followed up with construction on the former J. Crew Factory store next to Whole Foods at 4243 Ambassador Caffery.

Oh what the hey, let’s talk about it! In the late spring of this year, we started receiving inquiries that construction had begun on the former J. Crew store with some saying they heard it might be ULTA Beauty. Retrieving that information, we reviewed public records and arrived with no clear details. The next logical step was to call ULTA to the full Ambassador next to Kohl’s to see if they would give me the answer we needed. We called them and they politely told us “No”, they weren’t moving. We had no choice but to not believe them at that time. So we decided to call DSW, which is also adjacent, to see if they could be the ones to move there instead of talking about that as well. We connected with someone at DSW in Lafayette and they asked the same thing, “Did you move down the street?” We were immediately told “NO!” in a hurried response and then heard a loud “click” as the associate hung up on me. So, that’s weird, but whatever. So we waited a bit longer, all the time we were still monitoring the construction site taking pictures as seen below, hoping for an answer. Then one day, the bright orange awnings came up and it was obvious after us that it was actually ULTA. We decided to call ULTA again, and this time the kind companion said “Yes, we’re moving.” We were told not until next year so as not to interfere with Holiday sales.

The move will give ULTA more square footage than their current location.

Current location of ULTA Lafayette. Note the orange awnings.

In sum, we’ll tell you them because it’s not always that easy it seems to figure out this information. We hope you appreciate this tidbit of information.

And if you haven’t read any of the above, read this, ULTA Beauty is temporarily set to move and open within the former J. Crew in early 2022.


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