The woman threw away a career as a doctor to become a housewife and she doesn’t regret it

When you leave school and get a little older, it’s clear that everyone’s life is on different paths – some people are destined for the high flying careers that take them around the world, and others are more focused on getting a job and creating a happy home for themselves.

Both of those choices are more than fine, depending on what you want to get out of life, but you may be surprised to hear how a woman went from one lifestyle to another, and not in the way you could. expect.

Cynthia Loewen, from Canada, decided to give up her medical career just a few years ago, to become a homemaker, as part of the increasingly popular TradWife movement.

Cynthia gave up a career as a doctor to become a homemaker

“A few years ago I really failed in my life. I didn’t really feel called to be a boss -babe – I felt called to be a wife and a homemaker,” Cynthia, who previously holds the title of Miss said. Canada, he said The day. “I must be a doctor.”

So, after marrying her husband, together she and Cynthia decided that she would go out to work, while she would play the role of housewife, taking care of their dogs, their home and soon their first son, who is already on the road.

But, while many people don’t understand why she wants to move from having a great career to taking care of the house, Cynthia said it’s more satisfying.

Cynthia holding a washing basket
She found being a housewife more fulfilling

“My husband is the main provider and I run the house,” she explains

“Working with my hands around my house gives me pleasure, far more than any other job I have.”

A typical day for Cynthia includes getting up and going to the gym and walking her dogs, before putting on the full housewife glam, leading up to an all -day activities around the house.

Although she often changes her job, Cynthia, who also runs YouTube detailing life as a TradWife, wants to set herself on daily goals and challenges, to help her feel motivated and functional.

“The more you see homemaking as a job the more fulfillment you’ll get from it, just like any job like any career you want to have goals,” he explains.

However, life as a TradWife is beyond just cooking and cleaning for Cynthia, as she has decided that her husband will make all the decisions for them as a couple, but she insists it is not oppressive.

“I let my husband rule and naturally that was difficult for me because the human head is so hard,” he said.

“My husband didn’t know when I started doing it, but he felt more valued and appreciated.

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