The relocation company is flooded with clients after the Government announced that Aucklanders could relocate the city if they permanently relocate

The sales director from New Zealand Movers, Tony Dalton, said that since the announcement they have been filled with calls from families making plans to move.

“Myself and the team are all very pleased that our customers can move from Auckland to the rest of the country, and clearly with the steps prescribed by the government … the phones will be fully functional. uumpisa. “

Dalton said he contacted nearly 200 families daily, hoping the prime minister would ease the restrictions so he could help them move.

“Whenever the news report comes in we’re all standing there next to our customers, not in the same building, obviously, but everyone watching the news is trying to get those updates.”

When the lockdown hit on Aug. 17, it said it left those who were supposed to be moving feeling stuck.

“The recent level 4 lockdown across New Zealand was issued with almost no notice period and we have seen many families affected, many left behind from day one. It is very difficult for us to try to help those customers without we can do level 4, very, very hard. “

Dalton said they expect the next few weeks to be extremely busy as they deal with a backlog of pre-scheduled and organized house moves from the past five weeks.

He said they will work under strict level 3 protocols, to ensure the safety of both customers and staff.

“We make sure no one is recently released on MIQ or no one feels bad, so we make the customer declarations we’ve made before we even get to their homes. We apply the social isolation rules to area, the use of a mask and hand sanitiser. “

Dalton said all staff crossing the border are required to be tested every seven days and he encourages everyone to be vaccinated.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said people’s situations had changed in the last six weeks and their need to leave Auckland had become more urgent.

“People can delay moving house for too long, for example, or starting a new job or continuing their tertiary education. Many people intend or need to leave Auckland permanently or part of their lives such as their child who is on the other side. border, and they may have sharing care arrangements. “

For those leaving Auckland and not returning the prime minister said they had to take a negative test within 72 hours before departure, which are the same requirements for those allowed to move across the border.

“For those crossing the border for shared care arrangements because it involves more back and forth travel than an off, they will need to have a trial within seven days of each crossing, such as of the crossing requirements we have for moving freight or a part of important work.

“Everyone should bring proof of why they’re traveling, and you shouldn’t be sick when you travel.”

He said the increased flexibility in leaving the border was because alert level 3 was working, but the government would continue to monitor the situation.


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