The political prosecution of the Trump organization

Donald Trump looked dejected in the midst of his victory on election night 2016. As I duly recounted a few weeks later, sociologist Anne Nassauer, applying well-established measures, told me: “We cannot than speculating on why President-elect Trump has shown facial expressions of sadness. . It is surprising that he showed these expressions directly after his election victory.

Speculating was not difficult. This week is why. Mr. Trump, who is not the fool some imagine, knew that winning the presidency was a dangerous mishap from a personal legal standpoint. Mr. Trump, until then, has mostly struggled with sharpies who only wanted a portion of his money, not its destruction. He also knew that in our overgrown regulatory state, prosecutors can find something about anyone, even those who conduct their business with a qualm alien to Mr. Trump.

It’s “political,” Mr. Trump said of this week’s accusations. Yes, necessarily and in part. This is why people with Mr. Trump’s deep pockets and Mr. Trump’s turbulent history are not wise to go into politics, even though it could be beneficial for the nation to have a pool of presidential talent. largely welcoming.

The charges brought by Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. and New York Attorney General Letitia James are exaggerated for the amount of tax offenses related to employee compensation. Flight? Who stole what from whom? Mr. Trump’s company and his butler, CFO Allen Weisselberg, but not Mr. Trump himself so far, are accused of distributing benefits as normal business expenses, thereby avoiding taxes on personal income and social charges.

Mr Trump’s lawyer said, probably correctly, that such complaints are usually settled in civil matters with the Internal Revenue Service for the reasons discussed above. The IRS is primarily concerned with getting the most money at the least cost for its enforcement efforts. Not so elected officials such as Mr. Vance and Mrs. James. If the prosecution is a big financial loser for New York State, that’s fine with them.

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