The Breckenridge motorcycle business is moving to the former Silverthorne True Value building

The True Value Hardware of the former Sander in Silverthorne was pictured in August 2016. Mountain Dirty Motorsports will move into the building to sell and service small motor and motor vehicles such as motorcycles, ATVs and snowmobiles.
Photo by Mark Fox / Summit Daily News archive

Motobreck, a powersports dealer in Breckenridge, will soon call Silverthorne its new home, taking on the new Mountain Dirty Motorsports name.

The business, which has been in Breckenridge since 2018, will move to the former True Value building at 160 W. Approved by Sixth St. Silverthorne Town Council issued a permitted use permit to allow a “small engine and small motor sales and service” at the location.

Applicant and business owner Lee Dolan said he hopes to grow his business with this move, with plans to hire four more staff members and expand the business’s brand offerings. Dolan said he and his wife, Mimi, will continue to be full-time business operators.

“Everything we’re talking about tonight, we’re not going to give it to a staff member and say, ‘Please do this,'” Dolan said at the Town Council meeting Wednesday, Sept. 22. “We’re there every day.”

Dolan said the main reason the business moved was because it needed more space. He said the new location will nearly triple the space it has to operate.

“This building really is almost eerily fit for purpose for us,” Dolan said. “It really checked most of the boxes.”

He noted that having two entrances is also extra for businesses as many of his customers drive trailers, adding that not having to back up will make things go smoothly.

While Dolan’s business has always held the Motobreck name, he said it started selling clothing under the Mountain Dirty name about three or four years ago, and it ended.

“It’s a lifestyle. Our trucks are never clean here. We always have a little dust on our boots. We like to play in the dirt and snow …” Dolan said. “We’re dirty on the mountain. It’s a mindset, and we mean that as a very complementary statement. ”

Caitlin Jacobshagen, town planner, said the conditional use condition was approved with 11 conditions. Most notably, test drives of ATVs, motorcycles, snowmobiles or other vehicles will not be allowed on town streets or adjacent properties. The applicant must also strip its parking and handicap spaces and be limited to a maximum of 13 vehicles on outdoor display during regular business hours. Also, the apartment located above the building must be occupied by a full-time resident of Summit County and no short-term rentals are allowed.

Dolan said he already has a potential tenant identified for the apartment – a 25 -year Summit County resident – and the business is likely to have no disruptive test drives because many of the vehicles will remain locked until they are registered and under warranty. He said anything that could be tested on trial would only be allowed in the business parking lot.

Many of the business service clients are from local municipalities, Dolan said, including search and rescue teams, local police departments and the U.S. Forest Service.

“We sell a lot of units to people, so we’re really trying to get along well with the community,” Dolan said. “We want people in our store every day. That’s really important to us.”

Dolan said they will make some adjustments inside to create a part of the room and some offices, and they will need to expand the two front doors to make sure their inventory can fit in and out of the building. There are also some general building renovations, and they go through the approval process to get some brand signs on the side of the building.

The City Council supported the project and approved the permit, thanking Dolan for bringing his business to Silverthorne.

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