Sue Bird and Megan Rapinoe: don’t try to drink a UConn player

Oh, the things we do when we’re stuck at home, social distancing because of the coronavirus, and seek to connect with someone outside of our own space.

A webcam, two very large glasses of adult drinks and an Instagram Live video were the opportunity to do exactly this Saturday evening, for Sue Bird and his girlfriend Megan Rapinoé.

They shared stories, they laughed and they even did impromptu karaoke.

Bird also shared a funny story from the start of their relationship, about a party that revealed the USWNT captain to be a light weight when it comes to alcohol. Rapinoe apparently tried to follow a few WNBA superstars at this party, and miserably failed. In particular, we’re talking about players who, like Bird, played for the University of Connecticut.

And from Saturday’s Instagram posts, it looks like she’s still trying to keep up.

The Alexa Philippou from Hartford Courant shared part of the couple’s live video chat on Instagram on Twitter and NESN published more details in a story on Sunday night.

As NESN reported, Rapinoe had joined Bird on vacation in Hawaii, along with some of his girlfriend’s friends and a UConn alumnus, the Mercury‘s Diana Taurasi and her current spouse, Phoenix assistant coach Penny Taylor.

“From noon to 9pm that night we get there, we’ve got the chardonnays, we’re excited, we’re drinking,” Bird said, according to NESN. “It’s the holidays, the drinks, Diana makes the payments.” Strong flows. It’s a Russia to pay. I won’t bore you with the details, but we’ll find out later that [Megan Rapinoe] left dinner to go to the bathroom several times to vomit. Once she threw up in a plant.

Rapinoe recalls it differently, depending on NESN. “I wish it was in a plant, it was in the hall towards the bathroom.”

As the story unfolds, Rapinoe passed out on the bathroom floor while the rest of the women enjoyed their night out.

The Seattle storm and the four-time Olympic gold medalist explained, “I’m just going to say this for anyone asking, you can’t drink with UConn players,” Bird said. “It’s something about how they recruit us. It’s like in our DNA.

“Well I was trying to follow you and D [Diana Taurasi]. It was a fucking disaster, ”Rapinoe said in the video. ” I did not know. I did not know.

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