Stephen Kenny is a goof with a game plan: cultivate football

My one and only stay with the boys in green, the biggest supporters in the world, was the unfortunate trip to Euro in Poland in 2012.

you and a companion grabbed our plastic hammers, hats and scarves and boarded a plane on Saturday morning, and for 10 days we were seated at the giant party that took place in the streets and in bars in Poznan, Sopot and Gdansk.

“You’ll never beat the Irish” and “Stand up for the boys in Green” resonated in our ears. Endless drink and craic and songs and guys from Tallaght kissing guys from Dalkey, brothers in arms in Poland but back in Dublin on the opposite sides of the class divide. Of course, as always in the midst of the madness, he there is never violence and the boys in green pride themselves on it.Unlike the savage English thugs, we know how to behave and have the craic.

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