Solskjaer and Varane ahead of Villarreal press conference transcript on September 28, 2021

What do you expect from Villarreal and tomorrow’s game?
“Well you’d expect what you’ve learned about Villarreal, the last few seasons and of course we had a final against them not too long ago, which we don’t remember too fondly. clubs we have faced each other five times and every game has been a draw, 0-0, 0-0, 0-0, 0-0 and 1-1, and unfortunately they win the penalty shoot-out, they are very well organized, [they’ve got] very good individual players, tactically, or technically, very good. You see so many times they play from behind, play with the technically gifted players they have, it’s hard to press against them, which I think we did well against them in the final – enough tight against them, won the ball a few times. It’s hard to create chances against them of course and we have to be better than we were in the final. We need to be better on decisions, better on passes, better on quality, maybe more tempo to create chances. It was a very balanced finish.

I don’t think this is the time to react instinctively but the fact that you lost your first game, does that increase the pressure on you to get a positive result tomorrow? Even if it’s only one game and very early on, if you end up with a point or no point in two games, suddenly it becomes very difficult …

“Yes you are right. It’s a group stage, there are only six games, you need 10, maybe 12 points to pass most likely and we lost three points last time around. Atalanta and Villarreal also drew last time, Villarreal [getting] a point at home may not be enough for them to say a draw [on Wednesday] is good enough for them either. These are two teams that will aim for three points. If you end up with zero or one point in the first two games, you will probably have to win the last four. It is still not a game to be won, but it is a very important game. Like I said after the Young Boys, the home games, if you get three home wins and you win one away game you should qualify. The focus is on three points, we looked at Villarreal again of course, watching the final, looking at what we can do better, what was good in this game and we will get a good response from the weekend well sure . “

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