San Diego-based international rescue teams deliver PPE to India

SAN DIEGO (CNS) – San Diego-based international rescue teams delivered their first aerial shipment of personal protective equipment to India on Friday, intended to protect health workers overwhelmed by record number of COVID cases- 19 in the country.

This initial shipment, carried out in conjunction with non-profit partners MAP International and AirLink, consisted of 60,000 protective gowns and will be distributed to hard-hit Mumbai medical facilities, including St. George’s Hospital. Future expeditions will also include gloves, masks and isolation suits.

“Health workers in India are on the front lines of this pandemic,” said Barry La Forgia, executive director of International Relief Teams. “They urgently need PPE to protect themselves as they provide essential medical assistance to their COVID-19 patients. “

India is struggling to cope with an unprecedented wave of COVID-19. There are over 24 million confirmed cases in India and 261,969 deaths. Worse yet, experts estimate that this represents only 3% of cases. The World Health Organization reports that India accounts for 40% of global cases.

International Relief Teams is a non-profit humanitarian aid organization whose mission is to alleviate the “suffering caused by poverty and disasters around the world, from the forgotten corners of the world to our home, by sending teams of volunteers, relief supplies and other aids to improve the lives of those who suffer most, ”said a statement from the organization.

Since La Forgia founded Southwest Medical Teams in 1988, renamed International Relief Teams in 1996, she has deployed more than 7,500 volunteers and provided $ 540 million in food, medicine, relief supplies and volunteer services to families in need. in 70 countries around the world.

More information about the organization and how to donate can be found online here.

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