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In the roundup: George Russell says he was stuck behind Daniel Ricciardo and Fernando Alonso in his first stint in the Monaco Grand Prix, as they struggled for pace.

In short

Russell: Ricciardo and Alonso “in difficulty” in Monaco

George Russell said that although he finished the Monaco Grand Prix pretty much where Williams would have predicted it, his run was affected by the early fights of Ricciardo and Alonso.

“It was pretty tough, to be honest. I mean, we ended up where we expected, so it wasn’t anything too interesting in there. The first stint was really tough for us, trapped behind Ricciardo and Alonso – they were really, really struggling to find the rhythm for whatever reason.

“As a result, I damaged the tires a lot, which got me to the pits early and hit the traffic so it was kind of shock on the spin. We showed signs of a steady pace when we came out of the pits on hard tires, but as soon as we got the blue flags we were losing tire temperature and there was not much more we could do.

Sainz “would have liked” to share the first Ferrari podium with Leclerc

Despite his first podium since joining Ferrari, Carlos Sainz Jnr said the Monaco Grand Prix was “bittersweet” for him due to the retirement of his teammate Charles Leclerc.

“I obviously felt very sorry for Charles. I felt very sorry for the team as I knew this weekend’s team could potentially have won the race and that would have been a huge boost for everyone.

“At least we got a P2, a podium, which I’m sure will help with everyone’s motivation and aspirations. But yes, the bittersweet feeling comes from knowing that a potential win might be out of our hands. And I would have loved to share this podium with Charles today.

Petecof could be forced to withdraw from F2

Gianluca Petecof a mentionned he might not be able to continue his Formula 2 campaign this season due to lack of funding. He told Brazilian journalist Lito Cavalcanti that the lack of sponsors meant he would be unlikely to make the grid for the next round of F2, in Baku.

Petecof, the current European Regional Formula champion, had issues with his Campos car during the Monaco race weekend which limited his run. A fire on the car during practice then compromised its qualification, before retiring twice in the sprint laps and finishing 16th in the main race.

He would be the second F2 driver to step down from the series for financial reasons this year, after Matteo Nannini, originally slated to run a joint F2-F3 campaign, said his sponsors would no longer support him in F2 after the first. tower.

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