Record the print press to move to the new creation space in Saltaire

THE world’s largest printing press of its kind will move to the District – and open in a new creative area next month.

The People Powered Press has been recognized by Guinness as the largest letter printing company, and will move to Salts Works – a new venue in Saltaire.

The company said not for profit that its move came at an “incredibly exciting time” as the District bids to become the City of Culture for 2025.

Salts Works is a new creative hub opening at 202 Saltaire Road – a building built many years ago but not yet used.

The building will be used as an office and exhibition base as well as the basis for journalism.

It opens with design studio Split – moving from Leeds to Saltaire.

People Powered Press works in collaboration with printers, designers, artists, poets and creative writers to produce large letter works. They often collaborate with community groups.

Since its creation in 2018, the People Powered Press team has worked with groups in the north of England to create artworks for indoor and outdoor public display in non-traditional exhibition spaces.

Two separate applications for convenience stores in Saltaire

Artworks are composed and printed by the team members themselves and are often displayed in the heart of the community where the team members live, work or study.

Oli Bentley, who was behind the creation of People Powered Press, said, “We’re moving to Bradford at an incredibly exciting time, as the city launches their aspiration to become a City of Culture. We’re making partnerships with those organization throughout the district, and is looking for groups of people to work with who represent the rich diversity of Bradford’s population. ”

Poet in Residence and Co-Director of the Press, Antony Dunn, adds, “We look forward to getting to know them, hearing their stories, and seeing them tell their stories in poetry, prose and print.”

Bradford Council this week gave permission to create a fenced garden space next to the building in an area previously allocated as parking space. This will be used to display the artwork created on the site.

The group said the site will be used for local events such as the Saltaire Festival and the Saltaire Arts Trail. The application added: “Some of our planned work will involve organizations such as the Bradford Library, Bradford 2025 and Bradford Council’s“ Our Street Gallery ”project that we were involved in designing – along with other charities and organizations. community and local schools. ”

Planning officials said the work is a “suitable treatment for the outdoor areas that serve in this seasonal building.”

People Powered Press also offers a program of public workshops in a range of art forms, including calligraphy, sign writing, bookbinding, creative writing and various types of printmaking. The program will launch on Saturday 10 and Sunday 11 July on an open weekend.

The People Powered Press ground-floor workshop will also host creative organizations such as the Saltaire Art School. The upper floor will be a co-working space on a full or part-time basis.

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