Prince Philip dies: Labor insiders moan on WhatsApp over ‘Circle Jerk’ parliament recall

Officials from the Labor MPs office moan on WhatsApp chat that first parliament recalls to allow tributes to Prince Philip will be ‘a 90 minute ride of what he was a great man’

  • Labor apparatchiks complained about Commons recall for tributes to Prince Philip
  • Office managers called it ‘a 90 minute circle of the great man that he was’
  • Parliament will be recalled with the House of Commons to sit on Monday at 2:30 p.m.
  • MPs were due to return to the House of Commons after the Easter recess on Tuesday April 13
  • President Sir Lindsay Hoyle said the Duke ‘served his country with distinction’

Labor Party apparatchiks moaned over a WhatsApp conversation that the Commons recalled Monday for tributes to Prince Philip, it will be a ’90 minute nudge’ after the Duke of Edinburgh’s death today at the age 99.

Screenshots of the Labor MPs office chat posted by Guido Insiders of the show party are unhappy with the decision to recall Parliament from its Easter recess to pay tribute to the Queen’s husband.

The website said the messages show Jay Glover, the office manager of MP Alison McGovern, responding to a WhatsApp thread in which the reminder of tributes is called “ a 90-minute circle of what he was a great man. ”

Guido reported that the director of MP Mohammad Yassin’s office, General McMahon, also sent a message to the group: “ This is going to be intolerable. ”

In a statement Ms McGovern said: ‘As soon as I was alerted to the message, I asked the team member to apologize, which he immediately did. MailOnline has also contacted Labor and Mr Yassin’s office for comment.

No10 and parliamentarians confirmed the decision to reconvene the House of Commons on Monday from 2:30 p.m., one day earlier than expected.

The Lords were already due home from recess at 1 p.m. on Monday, but officials said they were finalizing arrangements and any business adjustments.

Commons Speaker Sir Lindsay Hoyle today called ‘obviously a very sad day for Her Majesty, the Royal Family and the whole country’ after Buckingham Palace announced the Duke’s death at the castle from Windsor this morning.

In a statement he said: ‘The Duke of Edinburgh has given his unwavering support to the Queen, both as a husband and as a consort.

Sir Lindsay Hoyle, Speaker of the House of Commons, said the Duke of Edinburgh had served the UK with ‘distinction’

Described by His Majesty as “my steadfast strength,” he also served this country, first with distinction during World War II and selflessly throughout eight decades in peacetime.

Prince Philip has played high-profile official roles, making thousands of overseas engagements and visits on behalf of the UK and the Commonwealth.

“He will be remembered for his loyal dedication to serving and leading hundreds of ideals and causes close to his heart.

“Most notable, of course, is the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award which helps millions of young people around the world realize their full potential as team members and future leaders in their chosen fields.

“His life has been long which has seen so much dedication to duty. Today we must take a break to honor him and offer him our sincerest thanks for the Prince’s devoted loyalty to our country – and all nations will be sorely missed.

The most recent reminder in the House of Commons of the recess came on January 6 to allow MPs to debate emergency Covid-19 legislation.

Other recent reminders include June 20, 2016 for MPs to pay tribute to their murdered colleague Jo Cox.

It comes as former Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn was also criticized for remaining silent on the news of the Duke’s death before posting a tribute to Philip hours later.

The independent MP posted a link to an event calling on people to “ support the Bolivian people ” less than 40 minutes after the Duke’s death was announced, in a now-deleted tweet.

A social media user said: “A man has died who has done a lot for this nation and Jeremy prefers to tweet about Bolivia … says it all.” Another criticized his “ good timing ”, while others told him to “ read the play Jeremy ”.

Another Twitter user urged Mr Corbyn to ‘put the news on mate’, while another alleged: ‘Bro [Mr Corbyn] says no to Phillip and yes to Bolivia ”. MailOnline has contacted Mr Corbyn’s office for comment.

News of the Duke’s death was announced at noon by Buckingham Palace after his death “peacefully” this morning.

His death plunges the nation and the royal family into mourning and ends Philip’s life in the service of Great Britain and Elizabeth, the queen to whom he had been married for 73 years and worshiped since he was a teenager.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson paid tribute to the Duke standing on the steps of Downing Street, calling the Duke’s service to the nation “extraordinary”.

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