Plymouth owners scramble for emergency supplies after Nor’easter damage – CBS Boston

PLYMOUTH (CBS) – After Nor’easter’s worst passed in Plymouth on Wednesday, owners were on the move, hoping to secure supplies many have discovered are now depleted. Generators, gasoline and chainsaws are all in high demand right now.

One of the only places with electricity on the South Shore was a local gas station, where people refueled and took a break from the damage in their homes.

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“We lost some of the siding on the house and we lost a few trees around the house,” said Kholoud Swenson, a resident of Plymouth.

There is already a nationwide supply shortage due to the pandemic. Add to that everyone who needed gasoline for their generators, and there was a 20 minute wait time just to get gasoline.

Residents of Plymouth said the storm turned out to be much worse than expected.

“You know what, I think I underestimated him,” said Patrick Gorse. “I knew it was going to be windy. I just didn’t expect to wake up with a tree in my driveway.

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The damage sent scores of people to the store, trying to get materials and chainsaw repairs as the storm raged. But to get a generator it was too late.

“The generators were practically out of service. I think I have one left, ”said Scott Morrison, owner of Morrison’s Power Equipment. “Availability this year has been hard to come by anyway, so we didn’t start with a lot. But these are gone.

Morrison’s electrical shop was working hard to fix the chainsaws. They can only sell the limited supply they have.

“The finished products were tough. They come drip, ”Morrison said. “You will place an order for maybe 50 units, various models. And you could get two of this one, three of that one and a bunch out of stock.

For those at home who have generators, experts recommend keeping them away from your doors or garages to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning. And for those who don’t have electricity now, Morrison says now is the time to prepare for the next storm.

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“I always tell people, ‘Remember the last power cut? Well it’s going to happen again, so get ready for the next time now.

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