Parents in Riverton community disappointed that homeowners’ association won’t allow senior citizens signs

“It’s not political, there is nothing offensive about it. I would call it a decorative sign. If I can put a flag in my garden, if I can put it, why can’t I not put that sign on for a month? ”said Ellen Brown, who has a senior about to graduate.

Brown says RHCSD made sure every senior had a sign, trying to give them back a little something after a not-so-typical school year. But according to several families, it appears the Riverton Community Association of West Henrietta does not allow signs on the lawn.

“The school contacted the community and groups to get a sign for each elder and I asked for permission to put the sign in the yard and it was refused,” Brown said.

Brown says his original request was returned with a red “Denied” in the right corner. News10NBC spoke to several parents who live in the community of Riverton who also showed us their letters and got the same refusal. Brown said she had not yet received any reasoning from the RCA. That signs were allowed last year, but not this year.

“Compared to what we went through, this is just a simple request and because the community and all kinds of different groups were donating money to this, someone else paid for this sign for my daughter and we can’t even display this, ”Brown said.

Another parent I spoke with said it was frustrating because they saw a “Happy Birthday” sign on one of their neighbors’ lawns last week, and according to a newsletter one parent told us. provided, it says homeowners must seek approval before anything is put on the lawn. If the request is denied, they are encouraged to get creative and maybe hang it inside.

“They suggested I could put it in the window, but you won’t see it from the window,” Brown added.

We reached out to RCA for comment on their community’s rules and regulations, including the reasoning behind denying a lawn sign request. They haven’t replied to us yet.

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