Olmsted Twp. owners fear they will be forced to move

OLMSTED TOWNSHIP, Ohio – Some Olmsted Township homeowners living in the Olmsted Falls mobile home park believe they face an uncertain future and fear they will eventually be forced to leave their homes.

Park resident John Snell and seven of his neighbors told News 5 they had heard of a project being considered by the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District, which, if it was approved, could result in the sale of the land on which their homes are located.

Snell said he and his neighbors had received very little information on the future of the proposed project and that they needed to find out about the Rocky River West Branch subwatershed proposal from other residents of the Rocky River. Township of Olmsted.

“Life has stopped,” Snell said. “We’re just in this limbo, not knowing when they’re going to come knocking on our door and say, ‘hey, we’re ready to push this project through. “”

“They have an area to run a channel from the stream into the woods. We haven’t been told anything, we don’t know if it’s something we have to take responsibility for ourselves.

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Olmsted Twp. owners fear they will be forced to move

Doreen Baker has lived at the Olmsted Falls mobile home park for 20 years and told News 5 she received little information from park management, UMH Properties.

“Well, I’m very depressed,” Baker said. “I just paid a lot of money for new windows three months ago, two years ago I had the roof redone. So I invested a lot of money in this place.”

“I would like to know if this is going to happen, when is it going to happen and if we are going to be taken care of and compensated.”

News 5 has contacted the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District and confirmed that if the plan gets the green light, it will call for the removal of eight mobile home lots in the Bagley Road mobile home park.

But the district said it could not give a timeline on the plan as it is still awaiting the results of an advanced planning study on the project, but has committed to contacting park management and residents at through all phases of the sale of mobile home lots. it is necessary.

The Sewer District promptly issued the following statement in response to our story:

Regarding the eight mobile home sites, although the SWMP’s preferred alternative recommends purchasing these 8 mobile home sites, there are currently no plans to go ahead with the purchase of these. sites prior to the completion of the advanced planning study for this problem area. While the findings of the advanced planning study may be consistent with the SWMP with potential acquisitions of these properties, our approach to purchasing properties for stormwater projects is voluntary. We will of course be communicating with owners and residents every step of the way.

News 5 has reached out to Olmsted Township administrators about the proposal and they said they understand why residents are concerned about the future. Trustees told News 5 they will work with park management, the sewer district and residents to ensure information about the project is released as soon as it becomes available.

News 5 also tried to contact park management and their UMH Properties community manager for five days for this story, leaving three messages over the phone, but we’re still waiting for a response.

Meanwhile, mobile home park residents like William Oberacker believe they are owed a reunion and more information on the plan.

“How many houses would be dislocated, how many families would be dislocated, they never thought of making sure those families would be notified,” Oberacker said. “We are families, a retired man and a woman raising a disabled adult. I am a single father and my child is disabled.

“They didn’t have the integrity to let us know that you have to deliver bad news the same as good news, but you can’t keep people in the dark.”

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