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KOZHIKODE: Women’s groups are poised against the normalization of anti -women measures used in news reports, with their intervention bringing some change to the matter. At least three well -known vernacular dailies have recently changed the pattern in obituary writing – stating the deceased woman primarily in her address and not as someone’s wife, daughter or mother.

A women’s collective – Malayala Penkoottam – submitted a note to the Governor, Prime Minister, and Minister for Women and Child Development on Wednesday pointing out six common uses of anti -women in the media that need to be corrected. of Malayala Penkoottam, said the media denies the constitutional rights of women with such uses.

“The use of‘ Sthreeye Manabhangappeduthi ’(when reporting sexual abuse of woman in Malayalam) teaches chastity and conveys the message that chastity is paramount for a woman and the abused woman has lost it. It diverts attention from the horrific crime of sexual abuse.

Similarly, when a woman leaves the house with her boyfriend, the usage is ‘veettamma olichodi’ (housewife delayed). The said incident involving a man was not reported as ‘homeman eloped’, ”he said.

Sulphath said the most common anti-women use of ‘housewife’ emphasizes the patriarchal notion that household chores should be done by women only and should not be shared between both men and women. woman. “Why can’t the media say ‘the woman left home’ and ban the use of ‘veettamma’ (homemaker / housewife)?” he asked.

Last year, another women’s collective – Wings – led by NA Vinaya took issue with the mediapers and managed to bring about a pleasant change, albeit slightly. Three vernacular dailies – Deshabhimani, Mathrubhumi and Janayugam – changed the way obituary was written for women. But there is still a long way to go, activists say, pointing out that most media establishments should still listen.

“More than a decade ago, Vinaya argued in the High Court against anti-women uses / columns in our standard application forms and information bulletins. Even the HC ruled against such uses in public domain, nothing has changed, ”said Deepa PM, Wings state vice-president.

It was pointed out in memory how All India Radio (AIR) station Thrissur changed the name of a program from ‘Veettammamarkku Vendi’ (for homemakers) to ‘Grameena Sthreekalkkayi’ (for village women) following the intervention of HC.

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