My Takeaway’s Danny Malin raved about ‘absolutely gorgeous’ Jamaican cuisine in Leeds

Danny Malin of Rate My Takeaway is back with another video, this time trying out a Jamaican restaurant in Leeds.

The famous food critic took to the Jerk Express on Cardigan Road in Hyde Park to try Jerk Chicken, Rice and Peas, Goat Curry and a Festival Dumpling.

Before even trying the food, he was already blown away by the smell of the food being cooked on the barbecue.

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Sadly, Danny was forced to share some of his chicken with a wasp that just didn’t want to disappear no matter how many times he had chased it.

“Do you know what just cracked,” he told his boyfriend, affectionately named Waspy.

Danny Malin against his “waspy little companion” after his meal

Reviewing the food at the restaurant, he said, “Lovely rice and peas here with a nice chunk of steamed veg. The chicken as you can see I demolished it and shared some with my little wasp companion. Absolutely stunning. The taste of being cooked on the barbecue, absolutely amazing.

“The absolutely gorgeous curry. Pleasant and tender. It surprised me because I thought it was going to get hotter. I thought it was going to be like some sort of vindaloo or something, but it tasted like a sweet taste, a taste of coconut, then a good spice.

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