Miss. Gulf Coast Owners Dry Up After TS Claudette

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) – What was supposed to be a weekend daddy’s house celebration has turned into a house surrounded by water.

“We sit here, wait for the water to drop so we can clean up. And enjoy the neighbors and have a glass of wine, you know, ”said Peggy Kastner.

Peggy Kastner says they kept an eye on the weather and water gauges on the Jordan River Shores Subdivision, but weren’t expecting a rapid flood in the early hours of the morning. She says the waters even started seeping into their vintage car.

“At three in the morning, we received a phone call indicating that the water was rising and our slab was dry. It is mounted approximately 18 inches on the slab and 2 feet on our slab. It almost fell under the floor last night, ”Kastner said.

Meteorologists named Tropical Storm Claudette overnight as it moved inland. Hours later, pouring rain forced Hancock County Emergency Management into action as floodwaters began to rise in low areas.

“Major floods everywhere, but they seem to be receding. We’ve had close to 18 to 20 high seas rescues, ”said Brian Adam of Hancock County Emergency Management.

With the sun now out, Kastner’s neighbors, Linda and Bob Creel, traveled through various means of transportation in a pedal boat. “It was full of water, it took us a while to get all the water out,” Linda said.

“The best $ 400 I have ever spent,” said Bob Creel.

Floodwaters forced the traps to sleep in their truck parked on higher ground, but with both families’ properties and possessions still in good shape, they say it’s just a good opportunity to spend time together .

“If you weren’t helping each other and doing it on your own, then we’re trying to help,” said Linda Creel.

“You have to laugh but otherwise you’re going to cry,” Kastner said.

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