Manchester United’s top pundits rated as Neville slammed and Scholes goes on the attack

They say a week is a long time in football, but it turns out that 45 minutes is also an age.

With Manchester United down 2-0 against Atalanta in the Champions League Wednesday night – an injury affected around 1 / 10th of their payroll – the knives were out for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

However, the second half saw a touching comeback – moving, that is, if you wanted Sauron to tear the One Ring from the flames, behead Frodo and Sam and burn the Shire. With the help of Terminator.

The T-1000 itself Cristiano Ronaldo pocketed one of his classic late headers to win the game, drastically changing the narrative again.

During the match, although there were some vocal reviews about the relatively easy ride Solskjaer gets former United players in the media.

Some said it’s understandable that they don’t want to get rid of a friend – although the rest of us would love to go live on TV and get rid of our friends to be honest.

With that in mind, we took five elders Manchester United players – sort of – and ranked them in order of disgrace Ole.

5) Gary Neville

Scott Brown and Gary Neville pose for a photo

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He’s a good analyst on Sky Sports and a strong voice on societal and government issues, but Neville openly admits he finds it difficult when it comes to Solskjaer.

Speaking on the 4-2 loss to Leicester City, Jamie Carragher insisted his fellow expert would never call the United boss.

Neville admitted: “No, I won’t. I won’t call Steve Kean or Arsene Wenger at Arsenal. I’m not going to be on this show 11 years later and ask for a manager to be sacked. is never He’s a club legend He’s my teammate I actually like him a lot.

“Manchester United failed with two former managers who were world class. I think they persist until the end of the season.

“If he wins the Europa League and the FA Cup, and they finish in the top four, I would still say it’s building a strong team.”

Maybe Neville is just worried about Ole bringing up his own management record, which amounted to a package vacation in Valencia.

4) Robbie Sauvage

To be fair to Robbie Savage – a phrase that is often not typed by anyone – he had better not put himself on the wrong side of Solskjaer given that his son is part of the Manchester United youth squad, as the Welshman was himself.

He lightly criticized the Red Devils boss in January when he downplayed his side’s title chances, but anyone listening to his comments on the win over Atalanta could hardly call Savage a critic.

The man signed with “viva Ronaldo, good night” for goodness sake. Although you would expect CR7 to make its kids say the same thing before tucking them in at night.

3) Roy Keane

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Unless you’re Denis Irwin or a Labrador retriever you’re never safe from a lick from Roy Keane, but the Irishman has been pretty reserved by his own fiery standards when it comes to his former one. teammate.

He’s certainly not easy with Solskjaer, but former Celtic is generally more inclined to point fingers at players.

Keane said in May: “These are the same players who threw Mourinho under the bus and they will do the exact same with Ole.

Video: Manchester United vs Atalanta match in pictures (mirror)

Manchester United vs Atalanta match in pictures

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“The leopards are not changing places. There are too many bluffers at this club to bring United back to the top.”

Keane and Solskjaer then met over a cup of tea to discuss matters and his criticisms have been more subdued in recent months.

It was the Man Utd boss himself who revealed this summit, though he’s not wondering if the water was boiled under the sheer power of Keane’s glare.

2) Rio Ferdinand

The former England center-back is going both ways on the matter and was certainly giddy following Atalanta’s return.

However, Ferdinand gave Solskjaer a collage when he deemed it warranted.

He said this week: “I watched the game against Leicester twice, and I was shocked at how confused the team were, how there was no unity within. the team, no compactness.

“The manager has to be tough on these players. You can’t tell me (Jadon) that Sancho doesn’t have the ability to sprint and run towards people for 90 minutes. You can’t tell me (Mason) Greenwood n does not have the capacity to do so.

“This season is now Ole’s team… He will be judged on winning things now. He has to win something and show improvement again and if he doesn’t then he will be on the blow (block).

“But I don’t think the club will have a knee-jerk reaction now. They’ve done enough to justify ending this season.”

And he was critical enough in September to warrant a rebuke from Solskjaer.

Images emerged of Cristiano Ronaldo standing next to his manager and appearing to advise him, with Ferdinand claiming he told the Portuguese to ‘sit down’.

Solskjaer hit back: “Rio, again, you know, sometimes he comments on things he doesn’t really know.”

Confident statements by the former center-back that “it’s coming home” all summer might lend credence to this argument.

1) Paul Scholes

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And finally to the grumpy local Paul Scholes who stung in his assessment after the victory of Atalanta.

Although arguably a bit disrespectful to a team that has finished third in Serie A for three consecutive seasons and reached two Coppa Italia finals in that span, much like when he was tackling his days as a game, the specialist went to two feet.

Scholes fumed: “If we play like this against a good team, it will be disastrous.

“If they play like this (against Liverpool) they will be destroyed. There was no connection between the team.

“Fred is kicked out [for the first goal] and Scott McTominay didn’t know where to go.

“If that happened, could you imagine Kevin De Bruyne playing against that?”

“Ole was emotional after the game, but the form was very bad in the first half and I thought they had too many chances.

“To be fair, when a team is beaten 2-0 at halftime at home, I wouldn’t say the performance could be so good.

“Like I said, Ole was emotional, he just won a game, but I didn’t like the first half and that worries me.

“I think City and Livepool players probably respect the manager a bit more than United players.

“When you look at last Saturday’s performance against Leicester you have to say, yes.

“I think it’s up to the manager to get the effort and pace of the players.

“I say it depends on him – it should go without saying [from players], but sometimes you can’t do it Wednesday-Sunday-Tuesday-Saturday, whatever it is. It takes a little motivation.

“You have to look at your manager and think ‘yes I’m going to do this for you today’ and I don’t think that’s always the case.

“I don’t think United want to change managers but, as always with managers, the results will dictate that.

“Ole has had a little bad streak now, losing four of seven games, but he always seems to find a way to get them to react.

“A reaction against Atalanta, I don’t really count, because it’s a game they should win anyway, I think the reaction now has to come on Sunday, against a good team.”

Solskjaer may well lament that the tirade is probably more than what Scholes has said publicly in his entire United career.

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