Maine; 2021 could be a bad year for brown ringworm rash

The weather has not only been good for ticks to thrive in Maine this spring, but it has also been good for the night butterfly.

Brown-tailed butterflies are doing well in Maine; they are now found in all 16 counties of Maine. So they are everywhere.

They are different from the tent caterpillars but still, in my opinion, just as disgusting in their ten little nests in the trees.

Brown moth caterpillars are a problem for several reasons; they can damage trees by eating the foliage of some trees, and an unpleasant rash that caterpillar hairs can cause in humans.

If you are one of those people who are sensitive to brown moth caterpillar hairs, it can look like poison ivy and can even cause breathing problems. So get away from it.

If you find the moth in your trees, the Maine Department of Agriculture says you should cut them off the tree and burn them. DO NOT burn them while they are in the trees, and DO NOT burn them unless you have a burning permit – more on getting a allowed to burn here.

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