Khloe Kardashian Expresses Happiness After Tristan Thompson Trade

Khloe Kardashian posted about happiness after her ex Tristan Thompson announced her move to California to play for the Sacramento Kings.

Khloe Kardashian’s Maintaining the Kardashians shared some positive thoughts following the news of Tristan Thompson’s move to California. The pro basketball star was traded to a team in his children’s state. Although Tristan and Khloe are not in a relationship at present, the KUWTK the star appears to be optimistic about the move.

Since they first got together in 2016, Khloe and Tristan have endured a rocky relationship in numerous fraud scandals. Recent rumors about Tristan’s alleged hookups led the pair to split up in June. Through issues in their relationship, Khloe became strong about their efforts to deal on behalf of their daughter. In 2020, the reality star is considering being bi-coastal for True to spend time with his father. Tristan traded with the Boston Celtics for the 2020 season and Khloe considered moving her family to New England before deciding to stay in Calabasas. After just a year in Boston, it was announced Saturday that Tristan would move to play for the Sacramento Kings. The merchandise will put Tristan close to Khloe and True, as well as his son, Prince, whom he shares with his ex Jordy Craig.

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Khloe did not directly comment on Tristan’s merchandise, a report from but the star posted on Instagram shortly after Tristan’s announcement with some encouraging messages on Sunday. “Every situation in life is temporary, “a quote shared by Khloe via Read Stories on Instagram.”So, if life is good, make sure you are satisfied and you receive it in full. And when life isn’t great, remember that it won’t last forever, and better days are near.”The star also shared a second quoted message about happiness. Ang Maintaining the Kardashians the star posted: “Happiness is not fulfilling every pleasure or getting every outcome you want. Happiness is being able to enjoy life with a peaceful mind that is not constantly yearning for more. This is the Inner peace that comes with embracing change. ”

Tristan’s merchandise in Sacramento would put him six hours away from Khloe and True by car, and about 90 minutes by flight. Tristan’s approach will likely solve the problem Khloe experienced last year when Tristan lived on the east coast. At a stage in June of Maintaining the Kardashians, Khloe discussed the possibility of moving True to Boston. “It’s true her whole life in LA – her cousins, I have preschool classes in my house,”Khloe shares. “It’s COVID, so I can’t just take him to Boston and look for classes there. Everything is closed. I think if it was another year, I would probably be more open to getting rid of him. But what do I do? Take him there to be in a condo there and stay within some walls?

Now that her ex is in True’s home state, Khloe and Tristan will better get in touch with their copying efforts. Since Khloe continues to be hurt by Tristan’s infidelity, it’s probably for the best they can focus on raising their daughter and skip trying to enable their relationship. Maintaining the Kardashians fans are rooting for Khloe to have her happy ending, and while the star is alone right now, she expressed happiness after learning that her family is in the same timezone.

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