ITV Love Island fans all say the same about Tyler’s dad after families tour the villa

As this year’s Love Island season draws to a close, family members of the contestants have finally come to the villa to congratulate their loved ones on reaching the finale of the iconic reality show.

For more than eight weeks, the contestants survived heartbreak, embarrassment, cheating, arguments and more as their families watched from their homes holding their breaths.

In an episode that saw Teddy’s brothers tackle Faye’s epic rant and meet Chloe’s look-alike mother and sister, 26-year-old Tyler Cruickshank’s dad stole the show.

After the Croydon native asked his parents if they had watched the show, Tyler’s father did nothing in his response.

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He said: “It is sometimes hard to watch, you know what I mean? Sometimes I scream on TV like, ‘Tyler man, come on!'”

He continued, “I don’t want to swear or anything, but I thought you messed up, mate. I was screaming on the TV, ‘What did you do ?!’ There is no one from Casa who had anything to do with this girl.

“I thought to myself what are you doing? And for me, seeing you humiliated… She humiliated you.”

With this response, Tyler’s dad apparently won over social media.

One Twitter user said: “Tyler’s dad is really just stealing all season, can we give him the 50k? #LoveIsland”

Another added, “Tyler’s parents are insulting Tyler for what he did to Kaz. She won.”

After gently berating their son, Tyler’s parents were already planning their life after the villa by arranging for a barbecue that left viewers even more in love with Tyler’s father.

One viewer said, “Tyler’s dad just wants to jerk off something and it’s killing me. Watch how fast the man mentions the barbecue.”

Another added: “Even I want to go to Kaz & Tyler’s family barbecue. I love them.”

A third even offered a book: “I want to see Tyler’s dad get a book for barbecue recipes, I know this man is breaking the grill.”

Love Island finalists Kaz and Tyler are hoping the fanfare over Tyler’s father will be enough to crown them as the winners of this year’s show.

Love Island continues at 9 p.m. tonight at ITV 2.

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