Instagram Can’t Stop Talking About This Photo Of Martha Stewart And Pink

Celebrity chefs weren’t the only stars who showed up at this Food & Wine classic in Aspen – a couple of rock stars also attended. Among the many famous faces was singer Pink, with whom Martha Stewart happened to have little time to run during the weekend event. “Catching up with the adorable Pink in the Port Cochere of an Aspen Hotel,” the 80-year-old captioned a photo of her posing with the “So What” singer she shared on her Instagram account on Saturday , Sept. 11. Stewart explained that Pink attends the annual festival to promote her Two Wolves Wine, which the Food and Wine report sells within a day of being released in 2019. “Good luck Pink,” added the Emmy winner.

It wasn’t long before fans started praising Stewart’s latest post, which has earned more than 31,000 likes and dozens of comments since go live. “YOU & PINK TOGETHER !!! Photo power !!” one Instagrammer commented, “while another said that both women are” bada ** women. “Considering how much love these” queens “receive, we can’t help but expect that we’ll see some kind of collaboration with them in the future-maybe even Snoop Dogg can tag along!

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