Imabong’s nuggets for women in times of turmoil


By Prisca Sam-Duru

Clearly, Imabong Martins wrote his book, “Taking Care Of Me”, while putting into recognition, the intensity of the times we are experiencing today.

Gone are the days when women were housewives. As the world evolves and countries face daunting challenges especially regarding the economy, most women are more hustlers than men; to keep the facade of the house alive.

Here in Nigeria, the bad economy is hurting more severely every day, forcing women to live a life full of stress; that many are depressed.

“Taking Care of Me: Because My World Needs Me Happy And Strong”, was written and published in 2020 by speaker, writer and personal development coach, Imabong Martins.

Simple and life-changing material, documents that inspire topics designed to prevent women from breaking down while juggling between multiple roles. The 69-page book, with five chapters, is a refreshing handy companion for wives and mothers who often struggle to achieve a balance between career, home care and, staying sober and happy.

The book helps readers take care of themselves while a lot of work, therefore, its relevance to the world of women today.

Embedded with a total of forty nuggets, carefully crafted by the author and organized into daily, weekly, monthly, and annual action steps, “Take Care of Me”, empowers women who “take solid steps toward personal improvement decisions”.

As part of prescriptions to stay healthy, the author advises on page 33, that because unpleasant things happen, women should choose to focus their attitude on positive and good things. “Your attitude colors your world, so why don’t you color it with beautiful things that will make you happy? What we think, influences who we are”.

The consultant for women’s development is known for her result -focused homemaking solutions, even advising her readers to ‘take a full day or half a day off in a week of hard work, adding,” find out how many illnesses are associated with stress ”.

Imabong also stressed the importance of nutrition which he said, is fundamental to well -being.

Another important issue covered in the book is the need to avoid negativism in every way possible. According to the author, negativity hurts because it is a confirmed reliever to anxiety and stress.

In chapter four, the author examines the relationship between rest and a good mind. “We don’t hate our bodies, we’d rather take care of and appreciate them”, he begins. Stress is a killer and in this same chapter, women are encouraged to make time to ‘fuel and burn their fire’. By this, the author simply says that there is a need to take some time to have fun after at least a month of hard work.

Another way of avoiding stress as documented in the book is by listening to inspecting songs. “Whether on the podium or in the bathroom, singing is a way to relieve stress”, because it reduces cortisol- a stress-related hormone, in the body.

Commendable is the popularity given to reading as a major in health care. The promoter of the book in the fifth Chapter, subtitled, ‘10 Annual Actions ’, for reading good books to improve oneself. It was noted that reading soul-inspiring materials makes life easier. Recognizing the fact that books on challenging or good issues for enlightenment and enabling have the ability to significantly reduce or wash away some of our stress and pain points. In addition, learning new skills and gaining new knowledge will help the woman or anyone for that matter, stay valued and connected to the family and society in general.

The title of the book is appropriate; the style and language are simple and engaging, making it easy to understand for all categories of female relatives. “Taking Care Of Me” makes great reading for every woman.

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