“I can see him say that, but I think it was necessary in some ways”

In his documentary, A giant leap, Luc Longley described Michael Jordan’s leadership style on the Chicago Bulls as carnivorous. The five-time MVP did whatever it took to win and was never afraid to verbally challenge his teammates.

Australian Story executive producer Caitlin Shea interviewed Jordan for the Longley documentary, and the Bulls legend laughed when she told him Longley called his leadership style carnivorous. However, he fully understood why his former teammate felt this way.

Michael Jordan reacts to Luc Longley’s quote

Jordan told Shea he could see why Longley said what he said about his leadership style. While smiling and laughing, the six-time champion went into great detail about why he was such a demanding and fierce teammate.

“My mentality was to win at all costs and pull, push, pull, whatever to keep everyone on the same page,” Jordan noted. “I understand that. The point is if I had to change my personality to something totally different I wouldn’t be who I would have been. I don’t think we would have had the same success. I think a lot of players probably wouldn’t have been the same in terms of perspective So yeah, I can see him say that, but the point is, I think it was necessary in some ways, and I think our success illustrates that.

Jordan was extremely hard on his teammates and didn’t care about hurting their feelings. While guys like Longley sometimes found his criticisms too harsh, His Airness knew what he was doing would benefit the team in the long run.

Michael Jordan’s leadership style worked for the Bulls

Jordan wanted to be the best player on the best team in the NBA. He understood the price it takes to win and be a leader and never allowed his teammates to play at a lower level than he expected.

In episode 7 of The last dance, Will Perdue said Jordan has crossed the line several times and acted like a jerk on several occasions. However, over time, the center learned that MJ’s tactics were for the betterment of the team. He pushed his teammates to be the best versions of themselves, and his cruelty clearly worked.

The Bulls won six championships in the 90s, establishing themselves as one of the greatest dynasties in the history of the sport. Jordan and Co. tripled twice and never lost in the final. Perdue has grown to appreciate Jordan’s leadership style as he earned him three titles despite being knocked out once by the six-time MVP of the Finals.

It certainly took a while for Longley to get used to Jordan as he’s never had a teammate who rode him so hard. However, after winning three championships together, Longley and Jordan have gone from teammates to friends.

Luc Longley and MJ keep in touch via email

Jordan and Longley keep in touch via email. The Hall of Fame says he smiles every time he sees a message from his former great man.

“Luke emails me all the time,” Jordan told Shea. “And every time I see g’day mate it makes me smile in the sense that we don’t spend the type of time we used to spend anymore, even if you ask it or ask me, I think it is. “was real time. Even though we were competing and learning from each other, and pushing each other, these are still authentic moments, and you don’t share them with too many people.

It’s certainly great to hear that Jordan and Longley remain friends after all these years. The two Bulls champions went through several battles together in the late ’90s and came out on top three times.

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