Homeowners in the town of Campbell file class action lawsuit against chemical companies and fire fighting foam distributors

the 48 owners say their wells are contaminated with PFAS

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) – 48 homeowners in the town of Campbell have filed a class action lawsuit against dozens of chemical companies and fire fighting foam distributors.

According to the complaint filed in La Crosse County, manufacturers including 3M, Dupont and Tyco knew that the PFAS chemical compounds they used to make their fire fighting foam would contaminate groundwater and that PFAS could cause serious harm. health problems, especially cancer. . “They have also known for decades that they cause significant adverse health effects and could predict that they would pose a profound risk to public health in communities like La Crosse. Yet they have chosen to manufacture and sell products using these chemicals without notifying their customers, putting profits before public health and safety, ”said attorney James Koby.

PFAS has been used for decades to make spray foam at the La Crosse Regional Airport. According to the Wisconsin DNR, which has tested private and public wells throughout the city of Campbell, more than 500 are contaminated with PFAS. In some cases, the levels of PFAS are so high that the water is unsuitable for drinking, cooking, or using for brushing teeth.

In March, the City of La Crosse filed a complaint against the same companies. A city lawyer said the companies knew their products posed risks to public health.

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