Hoddy Knot gladly accepted the split offered by Mount St. Mary’s. Sports

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Giana Hoddinott knows what basketball is at Mount St. Mary’s University by participating in the game as a young man. He knows that the school is only 45 minutes from his home, making it an ideal school for academic, social and even geographical reasons.

What he didn’t know was whether Mount would extend the scholarship offer.

But Mount Head Coach Antoine White did just that. The Delon Catholic Star recruitment process ended informally.

“Once he can say the words I want to perform,” Hoddy Knot said. “I know I’ll take it. I don’t have to visit or do anything else.

The reception and acceptance into my NCAA Division offer has received a lot of attention from Division II schools, but has provided a mixture of fun and comfort to future seniors waiting to realize their DI dreams.

“It was very exciting, but I was relieved that I finally got the department I was offering,” he said. “A weight was lifted from my shoulder.

“It’s a little school I’m used to and it’s really perfect. When I took a walk around campus, I felt it was right and I see myself there for the next four years. “

De Roon’s head coach, Gerry Eckenlord, also felt a mixture of happiness and relief when recognizing Hoddy Knot’s talent of the highest level of programs. Eckenlord said he burned a phone line to contact the school on behalf of Hoddy Knot. Indiana University, a division II powerhouse in Pennsylvania, was in the game from the start, but Eckenlord saw the leader of his team as an elite.

“Giana’s work ethic is incompatible,” he said. “He’s in the waitroom, individually training with the coach and working on skill sets. He can drive, shoot pull-up jump shots, shoot threes, and he’s as a defensive player. Underestimated As a kid him, we rely on him for defense, but I need him to attack over time.

“Whatever he gets is natural. I can’t believe he’s not creating interest yet (Division I). ”

Hoddy Knot led the loaded Delon Catholic team to a record for the regular 16-1 season. Squiret dropped Lancaster Catholic 48-33 and entered the District 3 Class 4A Championship. De Roon bowed out in the state semi-finals two years after winning the PIAA title.

Hoddy Knot averaged 16.3 points per game, shooting 82% of the free throw line. He showed his ability to fill the triple as easily as working with a hard paint bucket.

He earned 867 career points across three seasons and said Ecken Road was in line with former De Roon who was well ahead of him.

“She reminds me of Maddy Comley,” he said, referring to the former Squiret, who scored 1,000 points at Fairleigh Dickinson University. “Muddy had the same problem at the same time, but finally got an offer.”

Hoddinott has evolved into a reliable option for Delone’s talent program. Teams from both Delone and Mid-Penn Motion’s travel teams, Abby Jacoby and Makenna Summert, recently focused on Rock Haven and Elizabeth Town, respectively. With the talent surrounding him, Hoddy Knot didn’t feel the need to carry too much baggage on his shoulders.

In fact, according to Eckenlord, his selfishness is his best qualification as a player.

“He’s a very good scorer, but he’s also a very good team,” he said. “He launched his teammates and wasn’t too selfish.”

Hoddy Knot believes hitting three points, which he did 23 times last season, may be his best skill on the floor, but believes Team First’s thinking is to blame.

“I can’t just be a shooter. I have to do more, but the best part is being a team -focused player, “she said.” I don’t have to do everything on my own. You can always rely on another woman. I play on that team. it’s been since grade 3 but they’re behind and I have them I know I have behind. “

Mount St. Mary entered the season 17-7, won the NEC Championship and entered the NCAA tournament for the first time since 1995. The 5’9 Hoddy Knot said he was likely in multiple positions. This is because Mountaineers do not use traditional point guards.

With that in mind, he’s working on some improvements to the game that will be needed at the next level.

“I’m used to driving and committing fouls, but I’m not tall and not that easy at the college level,” he said. “I stop and get more, which makes the three pointers more consistent, and I want to balance the lines when I’m contacted.”

Hoddy Knot, who received the scholarship, says he could dedicate himself to giving De Roon another state title.

“I was relieved that it ended, it took me so much stress from worrying about phone calls, text meetings and zooming,” he said. “I was glad I was able to build a relationship at first, but now it’s over and I’m focused on my senior time and winning another district championship, preferably another state championship.”

Hoddy Knot gladly accepted the split offered by Mount St. Mary’s. Sports

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