Gas stations run out of gas, New York could experience shortage

As drivers hit the road for the vacation weekend, drivers face yet another gasoline shortage and the highest pump prices in years.

The national gas price average is at its highest in 2021 and is expected to increase. The national average price of gas is $ 3.11, the highest since October 2014. The national average price of gas in New York City is $ 3.167, according to Triple-A. A year ago, the national gas average was $ 2,178.

Triple-A believes he will increase to an additional three cents as the Independence Day holiday weekend approaches. AAA predicts that a record 43.6 million Americans will hit the road for a vacation getaway.

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“Today, 89% of US gas stations sell regular unleaded for $ 2.75 or more. This is a big increase from July 4, when only a quarter of stations sold gasoline over $ 2.25, ”said Jeanette McGee, AAA spokesperson. “Road tripers will pay the most to fill up for vacations since 2014.”

CNN Reports gas stations across the country are running out of gas. While no outages have been reported in New York City, outages have been reported in Indiana, Ohio, California, Colorado, Iowa and the Pacific Northwest.

Unlike May, when a cyber attack forced the Colonial Pipeline to shut down, this shortage had nothing to do with supply or gas. There is a shortage of drivers delivering fuel to gas stations, CNN reports. Experts believe more gas stations will experience gas shortages this weekend as gas is not delivered.

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