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At the new Summerbrook Dental in Fort Worth, the atmosphere should be inviting and relaxing for those who dread a visit to the dentist.

“I really wanted to create a dental office where I could make it look like it’s not a dental office,” said Summerbrook Dental owner Dr. Calvin Eastwood.

Eastwood, who is originally from Kansas and made his home in Fort Worth, wants to give back to a special group he says helped shape his youth.

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Dr. Calvin Eastwood standing with two of his office workers.

“Growing up, 4-Hs have been a big part of my life,” Eastwood said. “It had a big impact on me. So, 10% of the new patient exam, for every new patient that comes into the office, 10% of that exam fee goes to Tarrant County 4-H which will help pay for it. registration fees which families would not otherwise be able to afford. “

Tarrant County 4-H offers a variety of programs, from working with livestock to cooking, robotics and more. The programs aim to empower young people.

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Tarrant County 4-H flyer inside Summerbrook Dental in Fort Worth.

Managed by Texas A&M Agrilife Extension Services, programs are chargeable. Thus, they appreciate community contributions like that of Summerbrook Dental.

“Their contributions are what will really help get more young people into the programs, which will benefit them with their life skills and growth,” said Fralonda Aubrey, 4 County Family and Community Health Extension Officer. -H Tarrant.

Eastwood said he learned skills working on 4-H projects as a child, which followed him into adulthood.

“It’s like a lot of planning and long term vision and just having to take personal responsibility for achieving that end goal,” Eastwood said. “You know how to show it at the fair. I think a lot of it at least personally transfers to me as an adult.”

He said he wanted to help provide this growth to other young people.

“I know I can make an impact here in the dental office by what I do,” Eastwood said. “But I want to be able to have an impact on the community as a whole.”

Learn more about Tarrant County’s 4-H programs Click here. To learn more about Summberbrook Dental Click here.

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