Does Tully have a baby at Firefly Lane?

Tully in Firefly Lane is certainly one of the most talked about characters on screen right now – especially after the * that * cliffhanger ended. His decades-long friendship with Kate was forged as a child following a traumatic incident. But it was throughout their adult years that their close bond really developed – and not always in the way we had hoped. Those who have yet to reach the Netflix drama finale might not know exactly what shocking revelations await us after * that * funeral at the end of Firefly Lane, while others may be more than a little surprised at the direction Tully and Kate’s friendship has taken.

It looks like we’ll just have to keep our fingers crossed for Netflix to confirm a Firefly Lane season 2. But while the finale definitely raised some pretty dramatic questions, there are others we might have the answers to. Fans will have seen Tully (played by Katherine heigl) experience a number of different relationships throughout Season 1.

So it’s no surprise that some viewers are wondering – does Tully have a baby in Firefly Lane?

Warning: spoilers to come!

Does Tully have a miscarriage in Firefly Lane?

They might be best friends, but in the Netflix adaptation of Kristin Hannah’s brilliant book, Tully struck a deal with Kate’s husband Johnny before he and his friend got together. Their one-night stand ended with nothing, however, and viewers saw Kate and Johnny tie the knot.

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Tully herself met Max and it was from her child that she became pregnant. Shocked to find out the news, Tully was not sure when leaving the maternity ward. Her own childhood hadn’t been exactly easy, with her mother Cloud generally avoiding parenting responsibilities, leaving Tully with plenty of rest on her shoulders.

But after consulting with her mother, Tully finally decided to continue with her pregnancy. On the show, Tully and Max got married, but while viewers may have initially been thrilled with the direction Tully’s journey seemed to be taking, they – and she – were soon destined for grief.

After contracting an infection, Tully miscarried. As a result of this devastation, her and Max’s relationship struggled to overcome their loss.

While Tully was hoping to work on their marriage after initially considering getting an annulment, Max ultimately decided he didn’t feel the same way.

Does Tully have a baby in the Firefly Lane book?

This turn of events is undeniably tragic, although Firefly Lane fans may have some hope for Tully if a second season is confirmed. Max was a character created especially for the series and so if the adaptation decides to move further away from the source material, a child might be possible for Tully in the future.

In the book, however, that is unfortunately not the case, and Kate is the only one to have a daughter, Marah, with her husband, Johnny. In Kristin Hannah’s book, it’s Kate’s position as a parent that plays indirectly fall between her and Tully.

Who else is eager to know if there will be a Firefly Lane season 2?

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