Crack-X Crack Repair Helps Homeowners With Increasing Demand

By Dakota Antelman, Editor-in-chief

REGION – Unprecedented rains, greater homeowner awareness, and constant New England weather pressure have made busy times at Crack-X® repair and waterproofing of cracks in concrete.

Natick-based, Crack-X is a family owned and operated business providing services throughout New England, specializing in repairing cracks in everything from foundation walls and partitions, to concrete garage floors and decks. of swimming pool.

“If it’s concrete and it’s cracked, then there’s a good chance we can do something about it,” Crack-X COO John Kuhnle said in a recent interview. .

Cracks cause problems

A concrete crack and a leaking basement, Kuhnle said, pose a lot of problems for homeowners.

Water can lead to mold growth, which can lead to poor air quality in an affected space. Mold can also ruin property.

Cracks can also invite pests into the house. These can include various insects and mice. In at least one case, said Kuhnle, garter snakes were also entering an individual’s home.

Cracks in basement floors, in particular, can limit the effectiveness of radon abatement systems in many homes. Cracks must be sealed for these systems to function properly, Kuhnle said.

Proactive crack repair can save money

Kuhnle said he has long viewed his company’s crack repair services as opportunities for homeowners to address issues that might otherwise progress and require more expensive solutions.

The team can repair a typical crack for $ 725, often stopping water leaks without a homeowner needing to spend thousands of dollars on products like French perimeter drains.

“We try to present ourselves as a first stop,” said Kuhnle. “We can come up with a quick and inexpensive solution that fixes the leak. “

Knowing the impacts of an unresolved crack, Kuhnle encourages homeowners to act quickly. Even those who aren’t familiar with cracks in their home, he said, should keep an eye out for issues that can start as hairline fractures in concrete before progressing into larger cracks.

“With the way New England is with freeze and thaw, and just the nature of the concrete itself, [cracks] don’t fix themselves and they just get worse.

COVID-19, heavy rains cause increase in crack repair calls

Customers need crack repair services now more than ever, Kuhnle said.

He cites a number of reasons, including record-breaking rainfall this summer that highlighted smaller cracks in the foundation that may not have caught the attention of homeowners before.

Even without the rain, however, COVID-19 had already raised awareness of some issues, as people who now spend more time at home are noticing cracks and wanting to have them fixed.

This, in turn, is in addition to calls from homeowners launching basement finishing projects, which have become more common in recent times.

“We are a business that you really want to consider when finishing a basement because cracks in your foundation, even if they don’t leak today, can leak in the future and you don’t want them to start. to flee behind your walls, ”Kuhnle said.

Crack-X offers free assessments, with technicians often called to those finishing their basements to assess the need for foundation repairs.

Crack-X: hire now

Crack-X is hiring to meet this increased demand.

The team is looking for technicians in all fields, but particularly in the South and the MA Center. Crack X technicians are dispatched from their homes, responding to customers in company-provided vans.

Crack-X is also looking for full and part-time inside sales reps as well as a marketer who can help maintain company websites and create posts on various social media.

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