Buncombe County Homeowner Grant program and website now accepting inquiries

Buncombe County is excited to announce the launch of a new website to help qualified homeowners streamline the process of submitting an application to the Homeowner Grant program. Beginning Friday August 6, qualified landlords in Buncombe County will have the opportunity to receive financial assistance for housing costs. The Homeowner Grants Program is now accepting applications for support at buncombecounty.org/homeownergrant or by calling (828) 250-5500.

With the approval of the FY22 budget, the Council of Commissioners unanimously approved $ 300,000 for this new initiative to help qualified homeowners. Through a collaborative partnership, residents of the Town of Asheville and Town of Woodfin may be eligible for additional assistance, and the program will be administered through Buncombe County Health and Social Services (HHS) .

“This is a new idea for our community, and I am happy that we are evaluating it in depth,” President Brownie Newman said at the July 13 meeting. “We are trying to provide financial relief to people who see the cost of living rising for a variety of reasons. We will make adjustments based on what works well, ”he said, noting that the county may increase the program’s investment in the future.

Through this program, residents who own residential property in Buncombe County in which they have lived as their primary residence for at least five years and who earn at least 80% of the area’s median income (MAI) as a household may be eligible to participate. Those who apply to the program and meet these criteria can receive up to $ 300 from Buncombe County and up to $ 200 from the Town of Asheville or the Town of Woodfin.

Qualifying homeowners can submit a request at buncombecounty.org/homeownergrant or call (828) 250-5500 to initiate the application process. Telephone support is available in all languages.

“If you think you qualify, but are not sure, please call our team,” said Phillip Hardin, director of economics. “We know there are a number of unique circumstances, and our staff will work with owners to help find solutions.”

Homeowner Grant Details

  • Grant amount: up to $ 300 for residents of Buncombe County
    • Residents of the Town of Asheville and Town of Woodfin can receive an additional grant of up to $ 200
  • Frequency: Annually
  • Duration of main residence: five years
  • Household income: equal to or less than 80% of the MAI
  • Application: Income documentation required, unless already enrolled in HHS means-tested economic assistance programs
  • Other programs: the candidate will be matched with the most suitable programs without duplication of benefits. Your household cannot already benefit from tax deferral assistance such as homestead exemptions.
  • Eligible Payment Types: If eligible, beneficiaries may choose to apply grant funds to their property tax bill, municipal / municipal taxes, and / or other housing-related obligations such as l mortgage or insurance. Payments are made directly to the source of the approved invoice. Payments will not be made directly to individuals.

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