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June 2021 | Bengaluru, India Now, access is needed. It’s important, people can reach you in a timely manner, whether for groceries or medicine. A digital address can make it easier for you to share your location, no matter where you are. While delivering essentials and services is the primary driver to create MyLoc, it also takes pride of creating an identity for your home, office, or any other location. Currently, to share an address, we need to use a map, navigate to our location, and then share it. With a digital Pin location, location sharing becomes simple, whether via a message or a call.

Because MyLoc offers a custom ‘Location Pin’, each individual can have their personalized ID for any location. MyLoc lets you add a text note, a landmark, and even tag an image of your home, making it easier to reach you, saving valuable time. Pin location can be shared with anyone, even without internet and it will direct them to you. “In a world where we constantly need services to reach us, having a digital identity for our homes and offices, that can be shared easily, is a must. It reduces the hassle of sharing directions and saves money. of time. Sometimes even seconds are critical. ”said Pooja Patnaik, Marketing Evangelist, MyLoc. There are many advantages of a Pin location. Easier to remember and share than any other map sharing option.

This makes it easier for services (delivery, essentials, emergencies) to find your location. It can be easily modified / deleted / recreated at any time. All it takes is a simple one-time sign up. You can now have a MyLoc Pin location. “MyLoc is designed to be very simple to create and use, for people of any age, whether on a PC or mobiles. Try it once to see how simple it is, no apps to download , no reliance on any device, a simple visit to, and in less than 2 minutes, you can create your personalized MyLoc location pin, for free ”says Muniyappa, Technical Architect, MyLoc. Faktor ( is the parent company of MyLoc. MyLoc is the idea of ​​Neel Sinha, the founder, and CEO, who realizes sharing accurate digital addresses for physical locations is critical and seeks to address the problem with a cloud -based product, that’s simple, requires no downloads, and is easy to share.

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