Better view of Tent City on the move to Woolwich

Officials found a new home for the temporary community, on five acres of land on Spitzig Road

It looks like Better Tent City on Lot42 in Kitchener will move to Woolwich Township.

Pending approval next Tuesday to use the land, the temporary community of the region’s most vulnerable residents will move to Spitzig Road.

The land is owned by the Diocese of Hamilton, which Jeff Willmer of Better Tent City said he contacted with the help of Father Toby Collins in St. Louis. Mary’s Church.

“It’s a 53 acre farm, and we’re probably only going to use about five acres of it,” Willmer said.

It said it provides plenty of space for residents to be together, and separate when they need privacy.

Also, Willmer said it won’t be close to any residences nearby — the nearest neighbor is about 250 meters away — and there will be as many amenities available to Lot42 residents as possible .

This includes regular visits from Sanguen Health Center’s mobile health care bus.

Another element of this is the fact that they are on farmland.

“We’re connected to a team that does intensive agriculture with containers, kind of hydroponics and that kind of stuff,” Willmer said.

“The opportunity to produce fresh produce every day of the year, and include the residents there, learning some job skills, having a goal and building some confidence in the workplace is a great opportunity for amin. “

Willmer will present to the Woolwich Whole Committee meeting on Tuesday.

Earlier, Willmer said he introduced himself to neighbors, who were said to be receptive.

“They understand the good work we do,” he said.

“There are some questions about why this property, and how it could affect their properties. We look forward to the conversation, there will be different perspectives and people will have the opportunity to ask questions and express concerns. “

The landowners allow for a three-year stay, and Willmer is happy with that kind of stability.

But he stressed that this is not a permanent solution.

“The solution for homelessness is housing,” he said, “Our hope is that affordable housing with supports can be provided and we will not need a Better Tent City as a permanent use.”

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