Ash Ketchum’s first six Pokémon (and what happened to them)

Pokemon TV show protagonist Ash Ketchum acquired large creatures early on his journey, and here’s what ultimately happened to them. When Pokemon first became popular in the video game arena in the late 1990s, those involved are unlikely to foresee how the franchise would become a massive and enduring phenomenon. In addition to all video games, Pokemon spawned an anime series spanning decades, theatrical and direct to animated video films, board games, manga, and just about every other kind of connection imaginable. With the years 2019 Detective Pikachu, Pokemon even extended in live action movies.

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Pokemon is one of the most financially successful franchises in history, earning $ 92 billion worldwide, and that’s no wonder, considering the hysteria surrounding the Pokémon GO augmented reality game a few years ago. Still, it’s safe to say that for many kids growing up in the Western world, what made them really hooked at first Pokemon The universe was the animated series, starring young trainer Ash Ketchum as he embarks on a quest to become the best, like no one has ever been.

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The inaugural Pokemon The season of the anime saw Ash attempt to conquer the Indigo League, going to gyms in the Kanto region in hopes of defeating their leaders. Along the way, he makes new friends in Brock and Misty, and periodically fights with the evil Team Rocket. Of course, the main attraction was the Pokémon themselves, with the initial set numbering 150. Here’s a look at the first six Pokémon Ash caught and where they ended up.


Pikachu on Ash's shoulder

The most famous pairing of Pokemon the story is Ash and his loyal companion Pikachu. The trainer and the creature seemed destined to be together, as Ash received Pikachu as his starting Pokémon after arriving late to meet Professor Oak. This Pikachu was stubborn and wasn’t exactly Ash’s biggest fan at first, but Ash quickly conquered the Pokémon risking his own safety to protect it, as well as respecting his desire not to reside in a Pokeball. . Since then, the two have been almost inseparable and remain so throughout the animated series. As a result, Pikachu also became the franchise’s unofficial Pokémon mascot, and it makes perfect sense that he led the first live-action. Pokemon movie.

Without butter

Ash captured Butterfree in Episode 3 of the anime, aptly titled “Ash Catches a Pokemon”. Or rather, he caught the first form of Butterfree Caterpie. The cute little creature would let Pikachu know that his goal was to evolve into a Butterfree, and despite early failures in battle, the Flying Pokémon eventually achieved that goal. He first evolved into Metapod, then Butterfree, at the end of the next episode. By the 21st episode, “Bye Bye Butterfree” however, it was time for the Trainer and Pokémon to go their separate ways. Butterfree and Ash shared a tearful farewell, as Butterfree set off with her new mate to mate. Butterfree unfortunately never reunited with Ash, although Ash fondly remembers him at various times.


Pokémon - Pidgeotto

Ash caught Pidgeotto in the same episode he caught Caterpie, who was badly beaten by the Pokémon bird, that is, until Ash sends Pikachu to look for the Duke. Ash would later use Pidgeotto in the battle against Brock and Misty, in their roles as Gym Leaders. Things got dramatic in the episode “Pallet Party Panic”, in which Ash returned home to Pallet Town, only to meet the Spearow he had tried and failed to catch early on. The Pokémon had evolved into Fearow and was attacking a group of wild Pidgeys, Pidgeotto’s earlier form. To defeat Fearow, Pidgeotto had to evolve into Pidgeot. Afterward, Ash reluctantly released Pidgeot so that the Pokémon could watch over its little brothers. Ash has promised to come back for him later, but so far he never has.

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Bulbasaur screenshot

While Ash had really wanted to catch a Bulbasaur from the start, it wasn’t until episode 10, “Bulbasaur and the Hidden Village” that he was done with one. In the titular village, Ash and his friends encounter a Bulbasaur who serves as a protector for Pokémon in the region and is hostile to Pokémon trainers. However, once Team Rocket invaded, Ash proved his mettle and Bulbasaur eventually agreed to join him if he was defeated in battle. Pikachu did it and Ash got another Pokémon. Bulbasaur stayed with Ash much longer than Butterfree or Pidgeotto, but eventually parted ways with him. During the Ruby and sapphire period of the anime, Bulbasaur chose to start helping the struggling Pokémon in Professor Oak’s lab, just like he had done in the village. Still, Ash and Bulbasaur have had several happy reunions since.


Charmander from Ash

The story of how Ash acquired Charmander is a bit sad, as the poor creature was abandoned by her trainer Damian, who lied that he would come back for her. Charmander refused to leave the scene and his health declined. Luckily, Charmander finally realized Damian was a jerk and left with Ash. However, after Charmander evolved into Charmeleon, he lost respect for Ash, who he believed to be unworthy of his skills. It got worse after he later evolved into Charizard. Eventually, Charizard regained the esteem of his trainer and became one of his most trusted Pokémon. That was until Ash made the difficult decision to leave Charizard in the Charicific Valley, so that he could become as formidable as the wild Charizards there. The two have since reunited several times, and Ash sometimes enlists Charizard’s help with an important battle.


Squirtle looking for happiness

Squirtle ended up as one of Ash’s favorite Pokémon, but it first appeared as the leader of a traveling gang called the Squirtle Squad, which had been abandoned by their trainers and therefore became hostile to people. . Ash being Ash however, he ultimately saved Squirtle’s life in a Team Rocket attack, impressing the gang leader enough to earn his respect and friendship. Squirtle then joined his old squad, which became a firefighting team under the leadership of Officer Jenny. Notably, Squirtle never evolved and is in fact the only one of Ash’s original six. Pokemon not to do so who did not also explicitly state that he did not want to. Like Charizard, Squirtle and Ash have reunited several times since returning to the team and are often called upon when Ash engages in an important battle.

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