Android 12’s moved smart home controls have people (appropriately) upset

Android 12 Beta 2 has a lot of big changes, including the launch of a new themed theming system, but a smaller fix has a lot of fans. In Android 11, Google launched smart home controls in the redesigned power menu, but Android 12 Beta 2 changes all that, moving those controls to a quick Samsung -style setting. For those who are accustomed to or still prefer the older, faster, and simpler critique of the strength menu, this is an anonymous move, just to say.

In case you’re not familiar with the change, last year Google launched a new version of the power menu in Android 11 that appears when you press and hold the power button. Next to the long-standing options to turn off the phone or restart it, we’ve got a new category of controls for smart home gadgets (including access to payments without contact).

Left: Yes That’s right: Why?

A literal single touch from any screen on Android 11 brings you to a menu where you can adjust your smart home lighting or thermostat or whatever. It’s super easy and one of the killer features of Android 11, but Google seems to have decided it’s a bit as well convenient

Android 12 Beta 2 reversed this, hiding the smart home controls behind a quick settings tile that takes 1-2 swipes and one tap to access, reversing the power menu from a very good convenient tool in a missed opportunity.

Android 12 (left) seems to be taking a page from Samsung’s book (right).

Fans of the smart home power menu – included João Dias of Tasker, XDA Developer’s Mishaal Raman, and most of us here at Android Police – are against change, which seems increasingly capricious on the part of Google that we only consider basta acquired power menu controls last year.

A bug is still being filed Google Issue Tracker, starred 104 people at the time of writing, though Google doesn’t often respond well to public pressure regarding individual features like this. However, the perception of change seems more negative than positive almost everywhere, with the AP’s comments section on the relevant scope.

It’s still possible that Google could roll back the change before Android 12 rolls out to stabilize or find another way to accommodate it, but I don’t plan on it.

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