Amid drought, some S. Deschutes County homeowners say their wells are drying up

“Suddenly in the middle of the shower, he completely turned off”

LA PINE, Ore. (KTVZ) – A severe drought, weak snowpack and more homes under construction in the area mean water supplies are low for some in southern Deschutes County. Some residents see their wells drying up. But they can’t just drill deeper. Most homeowners have to dig a whole new well to get more water.

A woman from La Pine said she had to replace her well pump because she ran out of water.

“I first noticed a change in the pressure in the water, then it got to the point where it didn’t work in the bathroom anymore, it didn’t work in the kitchen, then suddenly in the middle of the shower , it completely turned off, “Nicole Retzleff told NewsChannel 21 on Wednesday.” So you’re in your briefcase running next door trying to just finish – a daily chore. “

Some people have had to change the way they water their property. Diana Gewin in the Three Rivers area says she needs to water her weed by hand, instead of using a sprinkler, which evaporates too quickly. But hand watering has its challenges.

“I have to stay here for about an hour and a half to hand water to get everything in. It’s an interruption, but that’s where we live, so that’s what we have to do to be able to stay here. . ” said Gewin.

Dry conditions mean higher demand for water. Most of the well ponds are shared by several neighbors, and Andy High, owner of Thompson Plumbing and Irrigation, says that means the water supply is connected.

“It’s quite a cycle, and we’re all connected and that’s a key part. Our snowpack was light and the 90 degree days don’t help because it melts things faster,” said Andy High, owner of Thompson Plumb and Irrigation.

High says there are many ways to help conserve water. Wash the dishes and irrigate at night, get a cistern that collects the water, and see if your well pump needs replacing.

The cost to dig a new well can range from $ 3,000 to $ 10,000.

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