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ALPENA, Michigan – Alpena County Home Improvement has already started funding projects with Neighborhood Improvement Program grants.

The county received $ 37,125 in NEP grants, which come from the Michigan State Housing Development Authority. The Home Improvement Department split the grant into two homes selected by their neighborhood as well as home improvement.

The owners had previously spoken to Alpena County about their needs, and the grants fund exterior repairs for them.

“I knew two homeowners who needed repairs,” said Thea Lucas, home improvement manager. “They had contacted our office before, where we had helped one particular house with electrical and plumbing and the other house with an oven.”

Lucas says there may be more grants available to homeowners in the future. Alpena County Home Improvement is currently seeking a grant from the Block Grants for Rural Development and Community Development (CDBG). She hopes to make them available to residents to request in the coming months.

“The grant comes here to the Alpena County home improvement office. We have an application process and a phone screen that kicks off the process, ”Lucas said. “We are making sure they live in Alpena County, that their insurance and taxes are paid, and that they meet the emergency and income requirements.”

For more information, you can visit the Home Improvement Department website here, or contact (989) -354-9664.

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